3.9 Mitigating circumstances to the Board of Examiners

Illness, accident, bereavement and other personal circumstances may affect a student's academic performance when completing course work or sitting examinations. When advising students in such circumstances, it is important that academic advisers and departmental tutors make it clear to students that they must fill in a Submission of Mitigation form (available from the Student Services Centre (SSC). Detailed documentary evidence (eg medical note, death certificate, legal documentation) should be attached. The letter and supporting documentation must be submitted to the SSC (Room G.14 on the ground floor of the Old Building) no later than seven days after the student's last timetabled examination or formal assessment (eg dissertation). The evidence is then passed to the Sub-Board of Examiners for consideration. 

Academic advisers or departmental tutors advising students in these circumstances may ask for copies of such documents, but the originals must be submitted to the SSC. Information on these matters is provided directly to students in the 'Instructions to candidates' issued via LSE for You with their personal timetables. It is important to note that mitigation does not lead to any mark changes. Rather, it is taken into account at final classification stage, when the Board can amend the class of degree in borderline cases.

LSE100: The LSE100 final examination is held in January (week 0) of students' second years. The LSE100 Sub-board of Examiners will consider mitigating circumstances in the same manner as for other courses.

For further details see: Mitigating circumstances during the examination period at lse.ac.uk/mitigation|.