3.8 Individual examination adjustments

Students with disabilities should be advised to contact the Disability and Well-being Service (DWS) (email disability-dyslexia@lse.ac.uk| or visit G.23 in Old Building, or call ext 7767 for an appointment) as early as possible in the academic year to arrange for any adjustments they need to enable them to access their programme and/or sit exams. These are recorded in an Individual Student Support Agreement (ISSA). See Appendix 4  for a sample ISSA and Section 5.3| for further information on supporting disabled students . 

One aspect of these adjustments is putting Specific Examination Arrangements in place. All specific exam arrangements have to be approved by the Specific Examinations Panel prior to the exam period, hence the value of AAs and DTs offering timely advice. Students receive an email confirmation of the specific arrangements agreed for them personally, as part of their ISSA. Note that a student may not necessarily declare their disability to either their AA or DT, but can still have specific examination arrangements put in place if they declare their disability to Student Services Centre (SSC) and the DWS.

Students who suffer a medical or other emergency close to an exam, which affects their ability to sit the exam, should be referred to SSC and complete a Short-term Specific Examination Arrangements form which ensures that appropriate arrangements are made. These students should not be directed to the DWS unless it seems likely the injury/condition could be long term.