3.2 Reviewing academic progress

Reviewing student academic progress is a vital aspect of the academic adviser role. This will take a variety of forms: meetings with students, other forms of ongoing contact with students (eg, noting and taking action of automated emails which indicate student non-attendance; other email contact with students), reviewing class teacher comments and records on LSE for You, and writing academic adviser comments on the student's class records. In some departments, it is also common practice for academic advisers to read and mark undergraduate first year essays, and to meet and discuss these with students. Departments set their own policy on the number and timing of meetings with students, and individuals are expected to fulfil that policy. Where students have been encouraged to attend a tutorial and have then failed to make or keep their appointment, it is worth noting this on LSE for You.

Departmental tutors have a monitoring role as well, overseeing academic advisers in this respect. It can be helpful if the departmental tutor reminds colleagues of this activity. These records play an important part in a number of the other tasks noted in this section.

Section 2.4| provides detailed guidance and information about the use of LSE for You as a recording tool.