3.11 Exam failure and progression rules for BA/ BSc students

A student who has failed no more than one unit will be eligible to progress to their next year of study. The School may consider an application to progress to the next year of the degree from a student who has not met this requirement and at its discretion the School may allow such a student to progress or to undertake repeat teaching in the failed courses as appropriate.

A candidate who has failed an examination and who has not been awarded a degree will normally be permitted and may be required to re-sit the failed paper at the first possible opportunity, but no LLB paper or first year BA/BSc paper shall be sat more than three times, and no second or third year BA/BSc paper shall be sat more than twice. An absence from an examination will normally receive a mark of zero and count as a failed attempt. 

Law (LLB) students have different regulations - the Registry (registry@lse.ac.uk|) can provide further information if required.

The above are extracts from the Regulations for First Degrees and should be read with reference to the full Regulations.

LSE100: Students' interim provisional and/or final marks for LSE100 do not affect the progression in any way.