1.3 Departmental tutor and academic adviser workload

Departmental tutors estimate that the workload associated with their role in term time varies from between half a day and one day a week, depending on the size of the department and the amount of administrative support provided. Administrative support can be crucial, as DTs are likely to require two to three days a week of administrative help in term time.

DTs' presence is required at the School (or through quick email access) during the summer months outside term time, especially in relation to student progression issues (see Section 3.12|).

The academic adviser workload is dependent on the number and needs of allocated students. According to the Code of Practice (para 1.5): 'Each adviser must publicise regular periods of time when they are available to meet with their students.' Departmental expectations regarding frequency of meetings should be set out in the undergraduate student handbook. This is monitored through the review of educational provision carried out by the Academic and Student Affairs Committee (ASC).