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Academic development programme

This series of interdisciplinary workshops, developed in line with Vitae's national Researcher Development Framework, has been designed to help you make the most of your research and strengthen its impact both within and beyond the academic world. As a taster, take a look at this short film which shows Dinah Lammiman, a freelance radio producer, giving advice during a 'one page pitch' workshop on turning research into short, compelling narratives.

The 2013/14 programme

Title  Date   Start time End time Course code
2014/15 programme coming soon!

To view this year's programme and to book events online, see the development and training page|.

Summer Term 2014: Getting Published

Getting your first journal article published, or book proposal accepted, is a milestone in an academic career. This series of events will take you from planning a publication strategy, through putting together a draft book proposal with expert help, to a final event when you can meet publishers and present your proposal to them.  One-to-one tutorial advice is available to help get your book proposal into shape.  You will get practical advice on putting together your proposal at the first session. Later you will have the opportunity to discuss your project individually before producing a final draft. 

If you are able, we strongly recommend coming to all three of the main workshops. The proposal workshop has limited places. We run waiting lists for all of the Getting Published events, so if you sign up and know you will not be attending, please cancel your place so that another student can attend instead.

Getting Published 1: Planning a publication strategy
22 May 10am - 1pm, click here  |to book
Advice on publication strategies and timetables from senior academics and publishers

Getting Published 2: Journal articles
29 May 3pm - 4.30pm, click here| to book
Getting your first journal article published, or book proposal accepted, is a milestone in an academic career

Becoming an author: From proposal to publication
3 June 10am - 1pm, click here| to book
Led by Deborah Spring, an experienced academic publisher, this workshop explains what publishers are looking for in a book proposal and how to construct one. 

Individual tutorials
11 and 12 June
Book a half-hour session for feedback and discussion with Deborah Spring, as you develop your draft proposal for presentation to publishers. These tutorials are for participants of the 'Becoming an author' workshop.

Getting Published 3: Getting your work published
26 June 1.30pm - 4.30pm, click here| to book
This is your chance to market your book idea to attending academic and commercial publishers. Bring your proposal. Publishers will consider the proposals on offer and talk about their main considerations in awarding book contracts. 

Voice Coaching

TLC can offer some places for one-to-one coaching sessions with a professional speaking coach. If you have trouble being understood, can't get your point across, find yourself speaking in circles, being hesitant or any other issue at all with your speaking, the coach can help. These sessions are particularly aimed at staff who do teaching. If you are interested please email tlc@lse.ac.uk| with your request.