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New Parents and Parents-to-be Network

The aim of the network is to offer support over an 18-month period beginning before parenthood begins because getting ready to manage work and care of children starts before the birth or adoption of a child.

The journey to new parenthood can be an exciting and unpredictable time. It can also be the first time that a new mother or father will need to rebalance their lives to take account of physical, emotional and psychological changes as well as managing work.

Role of the mentor

The role of the mentor is to be an informed friend, who provides guidance and support in confidence to parents-to-be and parents and offers the benefit of their own experience of managing work and home.

See also: What to expect from a mentor

Frequency of mentor meetings

The type and frequency of mentoring will be agreed between the mentor and mentee. As an example, the agreement could include 2-3 face-to-face mentoring sessions in the three months before an employee goes on maternity or additional paternity leave, remote contact by email and telephone during the leave, and 2-3 mentoring sessions on return from leave.

Accessing the list of mentors

If you are interested in the opportunity of a mentor to guide you through balancing work and home, contact your HR advisor for access to the New Parents and Parents-to-be Network content, where the mentors introduce themselves, see links below:

See List of HR advisors | Mentors

Training to be a mentor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself please contact Natalie Pancheri.

Please also see 'Training to become a mentor - workshop background and objectives'.