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Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL)

SAUL is a pension scheme for staff on bands 1-5 

SAUL is a defined benefit, contracted out, occupational pension scheme. A Member who joins or rejoins the Scheme before 1st July 2012 will become a Final Salary Member and a Member who joins or rejoins the Scheme on or after 1st July 2012 will become a CARE Member.

Contributions are 6% of pensionable salary for Final Salary Members with a 13% contribution from the School, and 6% for CARE members.

Members get tax relief on their contributions and pay a lower rate of National Insurance.

As membership is not compulsory, staff who choose not to join should consider carefully whether they are making the right decision, ideally they should seek independent financial advice as to what is the best option for them.

A complete guide to the benefits provided by SAUL can be found on the SAUL website and in the booklet SAUL - Building for your Future. The booklet can be obtained from Human Resources or by contacting Luisa Loughlin.


A brief description of the benefits provided by SAUL are as follows:

Basic benefits are calculated based on the number of years service up to a maximum 40 years and the average salary earned over the period of pensionable service. There is also a tax free lump sum of three times the pension.

SAUL pensions are increased annually in line with the Retail Prices Index.  

Additional voluntary contributions (AVCs)

Members with potentially less than the maximum 40 years service may have the option of paying AVCs to increase their pensionable service.  This can be done either by regular monthly deductions or a lump sum payment at the end of the tax year, please contact Human Resources for details.

Ill-health retirement

Members are covered for ill-health retirement once they have two years service, service transferred in would count towards the two years.

Death in service

Cover for death in service begins on the first day of membership. A tax free lump sum equal to four times salary plus a refund of contributions is payable.

There is provision for a spouses pension plus annuities for up to two qualifying children.  It is advisable to nominate a beneficiary who will receive a lump sum payment in the event of death whilst in receivable service.


Members who resign may have the option of transferring their SAUL benefits to their new employers occupational pension scheme, or to a personal pension or a stakeholder pension. If a transfer cannot be arranged the benefits can be left with SAUL. If the member has less than two years pensionable service a refund of contributions can be requested.

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