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Payroll deadlines

In order to ensure that all staff are paid in a timely way, the Human Resources Pay team have a monthly schedule by which various documents must be received in order to be included in that month's pay run. Please ensure you are familiar with your particular contract type and that the relevant documents reach the Human Resources Division on time.

To be paid in a particular month, it is essential we have the following documents:

Contract: The Department employing a new staff member needs to forward the contract for employees to HR by the contract deadline. We will then process the contract and notify the employee to come in and sign it by no later than the payroll deadline to guarantee payment of the month in which you wish payment to start. All other paperwork needs to be completed by this deadline as well.

For GTA contract queries or other hourly-paid contract queries, please contact

Timesheet: Completed and authorised timesheet for hourly paid staff (electronic timesheet) – This must reach us by the Payroll deadline for the month in which the payment is to be made. If you have questions about the authorisation process for your department, please contact your Department or Centre Manager. Please note: Timesheet hours should be paid a month in arrears and cover calendar months (i.e. 1st – 31st). For example, in November, only hours relating to 1 October – 31 October (or earlier) shall be paid. 

Claim for payment: Authorised claim for payment for casual staff - This must reach us by the contract deadline for the month in which the payment is to be made. Authorised claim for overtime must reach us by the payroll deadline.
The payroll and contract deadlines for the coming year are listed below.

Month HR deadline(starters, leavers, contractual changes)  Payroll deadline  (timesheets, payments, bank details, P45)  Pay day
December 2014 Wednesday 26th November Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 24th
January 2015 Tuesday 23rd December Monday 12th Friday 30th
February 2015 Monday 2nd Monday 9th Friday 27th
March 2015 Friday 27th February Monday 9th Tuesday 31st
April 2015 Tuesday 31st March Monday 13th Thursday 30th
May 2015 Thursday 30th April Friday 8th Friday 29th
June 2015 Friday 29th May Tuesday 9th Tuesday 30th
July 2015 Tuesday 30th June Thursday 9th Friday 31st
August 2015 Friday 31st July Wednesday 5th Friday 28th
September 2015 Friday 28th August Wednesday 9th Wednesday 30th
October 2015 Wednesday 30th September Friday 9th Friday 30th
November 2015 Friday 30th October Monday 9th Monday 30th
December 2015 Monday 30th November Thursday 3rd Thursday 24th

Claims received after the above deadlines will not normally be paid until the following month.

Please remember to notify Human Resources of any member of staff leaving as soon as you are made aware.