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Automatic increments

LSE single spine

Following implementation of the 2006 Pay Framework, LSE salaried staff (except those employed by LSE Enterprise Ltd) are paid on the LSE Single Spine.

Salary bands 1-8 on the Single Spine each have a Standard Range (the highest step of which is the standard maximum) and a Contribution Range, as shown on the pay scales.

The annual incrementation date is 1 August each year. On this date, if the salary is on an incremental scale, and below the standard maximum for the salary band, an annual increment shall be awarded up to the standard maximum for the salary band, unless

  1. members of staff were appointed or promoted after the preceding 31 January in which case only half an increment will be awarded, or
  2. members of staff are already only half an increment below the standard maximum in which case only half an increment will be awarded.

Once a member of staff reaches the standard maximum, however, they stay at this point and their pay only rises in line with the pay award, unless a case for additional contribution-related incrementation (see additional incrementation) or a regrading to a different salary band is agreed .

For example, staff paid on salary band 4 move up the scale from Step 13.5 until they reach the standard maximum which is Step 17.5, but do not move automatically on to Steps 18.0 to 20.0.

  • All progression within Salary Bands 9 and 10 is contribution-related.
  • Hourly-paid support staff and researchers are also subject to automatic incrementation.
  • NB one increment = two steps on the LSE Single Spine.

Staff who have opted into the new academic career structure and the new research staff career do not receive automatic increments.

Additional incrementation

Additional incrementation may be granted to members of staff in relation to their contribution in terms of sustained high performance or increased responsibility.

For further information about the arrangements regarding the awarding of contribution-related increments, please see the following links:

Special arrangements for staff awarded contribution increments

In certain cases, one or more contribution increments in the Standard Range may be awarded during the year between the automatic increment dates for the staff group. When awarding automatic increments, such contribution incrementation is disregarded.

Eg On 1 April 2009 a member of staff is awarded one contribution increment which takes them from Salary Band 4 Step 16.5 to SB04 Step 17.5 (which is the standard maximum). If they had not received the contribution increment, they would have in any case proceeded to Step 17.5 on 1 August 2009. Therefore they are awarded an automatic increment to Step 18.5 on 1 August 2009, even though this places them within the Contribution Range of Salary Band 4.

Pay awards

Incrementation should not be confused with a pay award. If a member of staff receives an increment, this means that he or she is paid on a higher step on the salary scale. A pay award refers to the uplifting of all points on the scale, usually by a set percentage which is agreed by employers and unions each year with reference to rising cost of living and other factors. For staff paid on the LSE Single Spine, the normal pay award date is 1 August - although occasionally different arrangements may be negotiated.

Sometimes the pay award is not agreed in time for August salary payments. Where agreement is delayed, new rates of pay are implemented when agreement is reached and backpay is calculated and paid as appropriate.

If you have any queries about incrementation, please contact the Payroll team: