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Salary information

Thank you for visiting these web pages which are designed to inform you about the services provided by the HR Pay team and tell you whom to contact if you need further help.

Salary and pay basics:

Pay day
The School pay day is the last English banking day of each calendar month, except in December when it is the last English banking day before Christmas Day. Salaries are paid in arrears.

In order to facilitate the timely payment of salaries, all necessary documentation (i.e. signed acceptance copies of new and extended contracts, timesheets and claims for payment) must reach Human Resources (Lionel Robbins Building (5th Floor) by the relevant payroll deadline for payment in that month's pay run.

In order to receive your pay, you must provide the Human Resources Division with your U.K bank details.  Please see the On Your First Day page for more details.

Salary scales
All staff at LSE are paid according to the LSE pay scales. You can find the current salary scales, together with details of annual uplifts, on the salary scales page.

Payroll deadlines

See payroll deadlines for further information.

Further HR information

Pay forms