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Entitlement for part-time salaried staff

The holiday entitlement for part-time members of staff (whether annual leave, closure days or public holidays) is pro-rated as appropriate.

As most English public holidays fall on a Monday, part-time staff who, for example, don't work Mondays need to be compensated with additional annual leave to make up for the public holidays they miss. Conversely part-time staff who normally work Mondays will receive slightly less annual leave to make up for their over-allocation public holidays. 

The following calculator works out how much annual leave and how many closure days or public holidays are due to part-time members of staff and then increases or decreases their annual leave to take account of the closure days and public holidays they are over- or underdue according to their working pattern and the days of the week on which public holidays and closure days fall.   

(NB part-time staff who have a work pattern of five days a week where the same number of hours are worked each day can count their leave in the same way as full-time staff if they wish. For example, if someone has a 25 hour a week working pattern, five hours a day five days a week, they can still count their leave as 25 days a year, but each day would of course be their normal five hours. Where a more complicated pattern is worked, eg less than five days a week or variable hours each day, then managers and staff are advised to account for leave in hours.)


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