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Volunteering for All

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V4All is the School's organisationally endorsed and supported staff volunteering project.

Why do it?

V4All takes on board staff interest in undertaking volunteering and the School's sense of its potential impact and benefit as a rewards and development tool, and develops a generous policy entitlement of up to five working days per year for employees to take on agreed activities.

Who can volunteer?

For the reasons stated above the School is keen to encourage staff volunteering and has agreed that staff are entitled to up to five days per year to undertake such activity, all subject to negotiation and agreement with local line managers, on the basis that the operation of School services should not be compromised by staff participation in V4All.

It is anticipated that many staff will wish to extend their volunteering commitments beyond this base line, outside of working hours and partnership arrangements, under which staff combine work and own time involvement.

What volunteering can I do?

Volunteering takes place in a wide variety of organisational contexts and draws upon a huge range of skills. Some examples of volunteering activity include

  • Sitting as a school governor or on the board of a public body.
  • Supporting a local charity.
  • Undertaking practical tasks, for example, delivering meals for the elderly or cleaning up neglected open land.
  • Spending time with a local school student helping to improve reading skills.

The main focus of the project is individual staff, but applications are also invited from groups of staff looking to organise a project collectively, maybe as part of a team building activity.