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LSE Coaching Academy

The LSE Coaching Academy is aimed primarily at: serving managers and those who aspire to the role. We also include those that manage resources or projects of a significant impact without necessarily having direct line-management responsibilities.

Under the Coaching Academy, we define coaching as: a series of one to one, goal focused, confidential, development discussions with a coach. The aim of these discussions is to develop an individual's performance in their role and their potential.

Over the last year, 29 members of staff have benefited from access to a personal performance coach with some very positive results. Examples of comments received include:

'Very positive impact. Feeling re-motivated, focused and confident again'

'I found the coaching sessions to be intensely rewarding and valuable. They have helped to transform my perceptions and attitude towards work, colleagues and substantive tasks'

'It gave me time out to think about and articulate some of the challenges facing me so that I could form the best possible strategies for addressing them'

'I have the CIM (Certificate in Management) but coaching built on the theory and allowed me to explore and try things out. I have more confidence overall'.

The agenda for coaching is typically set by the individual, but in agreement/consultation with their manager. Types of issues and aspirations our coaches have assisted with to date include:

  • Managing relationships with staff, peers or own manager
  • Unblocking barriers to meeting potential
  • Career planning
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Understanding the impact of personal style and behaviours
  • Dealing with feedback e.g. from appraisals
  • Translating management theory into practice
  • Developing strategies for implementing and managing change.
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