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Your Guide to Writing Good Learning Outcomes

We are pleased to be able to promote lifelong learning opportunities through the Learn for You Scheme.

LFY is a unique scheme – we want everyone who participates to make the most of their learning and ask all applicants to consider learning outcomes for any personal development or career development programmes they wish to embark upon. 

What makes a good learning outcome?

What is a learning outcome?

Learning outcomes are statements which describe what your learning is intended to achieve for you.

They are sometimes called learning objectives and are usually expressed in terms of what you are expected to know, understand and be able to do on completion of your learning. They might include a change in your knowledge, skill-level, attitudes, behaviours or even your values and ethics!

When completing your LFY application make sure your learning outcomes are:

Appropriate. To your current personal development goals and future plans.

Attainable.    You will mostly meet it, (with due effort of course!)

Assessable. We can see if it has been achieved.

Remember: A good learning outcome will tell the Learn for You Committee the purpose of your course/programme and what the funding is intended to achieve for you.

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