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Staff achievements

Since Learn for You was introduced at LSE, staff have been on a wonderful variety of courses. Use the menu on the left to view a selection of staff achievements over the years.

4x4 Off Road Driving

Hi, I'm Dan Reeves and I work in the Human Resources Division. I got interested in the Learn for You' scheme by word of mouth within the division, when colleagues started disappearing to do interesting things like flying lessons! I spent my money on a day learning how to drive a 4X4 vehicle off road. The day was held at Brands Hatch's off road course in Kent. The morning was spent in the class room, learning how four wheel drive will get you across terrain you would have trouble climbing across, let alone driving through! The course consisted of hill climbs, mud tracks, lakes of water and overhanging trees. I learnt quickly to watch not only what was in front of me, but also to drive with an eye on how much roof clearance there was under the trees! The instructor demonstrated how dipping the clutch approaching the top of the hill, meant going straight over the top and into whatever was on the other side! All in all it was a great hands-on learning experience that was fun and taught me new skills; something I couldn't have justified without the funding.


Hello, my name is Sue Coles and I work in STICERD. This is my second year of receiving funding from Learn for You. I started doing a ceramics course for leisure in 2002/3 at Barnet Art College one morning a week. I'm hooked! I am so lucky in that I have a fantastic teacher who is very enthusiastic and encouraging and so persuaded me and a few others in the class to take a City and Guilds Level II. At first I didn't really want to do an examined course but just to have fun time. Taking the City and Guilds meant that I would have a whole day doing ceramics not just the morning, so it didn't take much persuading. In fact doing a structured course has also helped me to be more focused in what I want to achieve and I feel that I have learnt so much more from doing the City and Guilds course. Ceramics is incredibly therapeutic and I feel a different person at the end of the class - relaxed and more energised. I have always visited art exhibitions but I have never visited so many exhibitions since this course. Our tutor gathers us all together and marches off to Cambridge and London with sketch books under our arms, to see not one but many exhibitions - sculpture, art and ceramics - and sometimes all in one day!

Now, what am I going to do when the course finishes at the end of May!! I have caught the bug and now I'm addicted. I certainly hope that I will be able to do another course next year. I doubt very much that I would have applied to do this course if it hadn't been for the Learn for You grant, so thank you very much indeed.

Contemporary Architecture 

Thanks to the Learn for You scheme I took two courses which I would really recommend to anyone who is interested, even excited, by modern buildings. The two courses were from a range of courses on modern architecture run by City University Department of Continuing Education.

I enrolled for 'The Background to Contemporary Architecture' and 'Appreciating Contemporary Architecture'. The classes were held on Monday evenings at City University (an easy bus ride from LSE) for 10 evenings a week each term 6.30 - 8.30pm except when there were site visits to see around buildings in London, either on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings. Site visits included Kew Gardens, South Bank, Hampstead, the City and a visit to Richard Rogers' office. No prior knowledge is required - you just have to listen and enjoy! The courses cost £100/£105 per term, so Learn for You paid for all of the first course and half of the second!

For further information please visit the City University website.

Sue Roebuck,
VSO Course Administrator,
Centre for Civil Society

Introduction to Curating

During this 12-week course I learned an enormous amount about curating. As a History of Art & English Literature graduate, I was aware of the theory behind exhibiting artworks, but I needed an insight into its practical application. Jeremy Ackerman, a well-known independent curator and artist, led the classes. A freelance curator co-ordinates everything surrounding an exhibition including - conception, research, financing, building, publications, planning events, administration, payments, press releases and more. The course detailed the way to approach planning for and delivering all these elements to put together a good exhibition. I met some great people, who are now excellent contacts and with whom I may embark on a creative project. During this time I learnt how to create a professional 3-D model of an exhibition for presentations, I made proposals on individual paintings as to why they should be included in a group exhibition, and among other activities I met several professional curators. One of them invited our group to give a 5-minute talk each in her gallery (the Bloomberg space, London). This was an excellent experience in public speaking, creativity and networking.

I enjoyed this course greatly and gained some valuable knowledge and experience in my field of interest - galleries and museums. I am now more knowledgeable about all kinds of 'inside' secrets, have met some fantastic people and can use this as a starting point for a new career. This also inspired me to decorate my office on the 3rd floor of Connaught House with art posters, and I was able to get a budget for this from two of the departments using the space. I consulted with all the users of the open plan office space to gage their artistic preferences and worked with them in choosing, mounting, framing and displaying the works. As a result, our office is brighter and more artistic!

I am hugely thankful to everyone at Staff Development and the Learn for You scheme that made all this possible. I strongly recommend Learn for You to all LSE staff for their personal and professional development.

Raya Dimitrova
Graduate Admissions

Jazz Singing

Through Learn for You funding, Konni Deppe has been able to further her already considerable singing skills.

Check out her web site: and if you are interested in finding out more, then contact Konni directly - if there is sufficient interest, she would consider running a workshop.

Porcelain Doll Making

Hi, my name is Drucilla Nelson and I have worked in the Development Studies Institute for 13 years. I am on the Learn for You committee and decided to take advantage of the LFY scheme by taking a course. After searching through a few prospectuses I found a course which was ideal for me, the Porcelain Dollmaking Course. This enabled me to learn a new skill as well as revive my unused talent for making clothes.

I found the course to be thoroughly enjoyable. It was one evening a week for three hours. Unfortunately this course is no longer running as the teacher has moved to Cornwall, but there are other doll making courses available.

My aim is to go on to teach porcelain doll making part-time. If you would like more information about this course please contact me on x7425, Room TW1 1.04.

A Great big thank you to Learn For You.

These are the dolls I made on the course.


Flossie is a 24" high doll.

The head, breastplate, arms and legs have been poured from a porcelain slip into moulds.

I made the body from calico, stuffed it, then attached the porcelain body parts .

Flossie's clothes and wig were designed and made by me.


Jenny is an 18" high doll.

The head, breastplate, arms and legs have been poured from a porcelain slip into moulds.

The body was made from calico, stuffed, then the other body parts were added.

Jenny's clothes and wig were designed and made by me. Her wig was bought and glued to her head.

Dream Baby

This was the first porcelain doll I made.

Dream baby's head and arms were poured from a porcelain slip into a mould.

The body was made from calico and stuffed. I then glued the head and arms to the body.

The Christening Gown was designed and made by me.

Sugar Britches

Again the head and arms were poured from porcelain slip into a mould.

The body was made from calico and stuffed. I then glued the head and arms to the body.

Cardigan, hat and bootees were knitted by myself.


Jessica is a 26" doll.

The head/torso, arms and legs were poured from a porcelain slip into a mould.

The body was made from calico and stuffed.

I am presently working on the costume for Jessica. She will be dressed in garments from the 16th century.

Print Making Fine Art

I'm Esther Heyhoe and I've worked in the Department of Statistics since August 2001. I completed a Foundation Fine Art course before going to university to study a completely unrelated subject(!). However, over the years I have slowly come back to fine art. I attended life drawing classes at a local arts centre, then applied to Learn for You to attend a printmaking course at City Lit. I then went on to join the two year Fine Art course there, (again partly funded by Learn for You), and am now about half way through. The course is multi-disciplinary - we cover drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, art theory. We even cover digital arts which were in their infancy when I was originally at art school so that's been an exciting development! Although the course is not certificated, it is quite rigorous and students are often accepted onto undergraduate and postgraduate art courses afterwards or go on to open up studios and exhibit. I'm not sure what direction I will take when I finish - it's early days yet, but I know I'll continue in some form or other, perhaps at postgrad level.


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