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Learn for you

Learn for You is a personal and career development scheme through which certain categories of staff are entitled to a learning allowance of up to £200 every two years to spend on the learning of their choice.  Alternatively you can choose to split the money over a two year period.

The Scheme was established in 2007 and to date many of our staff have enjoyed and benefitted from undertaking a broad range of learning opportunities outside work.

What is the aim of this scheme?

The LSE is passionate about people development and would like to contribute to a lifelong learning culture amongst it's staff.

Lifelong learning| is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. It is the voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

We wish to create an environment that enables staff to grow and reach their personal and career-related goals. Research shows that lifelong learners are more likely to be happier, healthier, have better jobs, contribute more to society and have a higher sense of self-fulfilment through their achievements.

Through extending the skills of our staff the LSE will remain competitive and flexible to meet the changing needs of the Higher Education sector, those of our students and the wider-world.