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1. How do I apply for Learn For You?  To apply, fill out a Learn For You application form and the LFY committee will let you know the outcome of your application by email.

 2. How often do the Learn For You committee meet to discuss applications? The committee meet every month to look at applications.

 3. Am I eligible for the scheme? Staff are only eligible if they are on salary band 1-5 (step 25.5). If the member of staff is a student studying at LSE or elsewhere they are not eligible. This is because the scheme is now steered towards members of staff who are not currently engaged in any learning.

 4. When is the cut off point for applications? The scheme runs via the academic year from 1 August-31 July. Any applications received after 31 July will go into the next funding year.

5. Can I split the money how I choose, or do I have to spend it all at once? Members of staff can split the money if they choose to.

6. Can you produce sponsorship letters? Some organisations request sponsorship letters and we can produce these for staff upon request.

7. Can you produce cheques as method of payment? Yes, however cheques usually take around 2-3 weeks to get processed by the finance department, so just make sure that the payment doesn't have an impact on you securing a place on your chosen course.

8. Can I pay for a course and then you reimburse me? One of the rules of the scheme is that we do not reimburse people, you need to wait for us to handle the administration and you must not pay beforehand.

9. What if the course I'm applying for starts before the next committee meeting, can I get my application approved?   If it's an urgent request then we can share the application with the committee via email.

The Learn for You scheme is run by the HR Department in partnership with the three recognised trade unions - Unison, the Transport and General, and the Association of University Teachers.        



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