This staff development scheme has been developed for the benefit of LSE employees in both full and part-time support staff roles in salary bands 1-5. Those applicants who are at the top of Band 5 Contribution range (step 25.5) are also able to participate in the Scheme.

We particularly aim to attract applications from individuals who may not have regular access to learning opportunities and would like to re-engage in their personal or career development.

To ensure all eligible staff have equal access to funding, from January 2012 applications will only be approved if you have not accessed the Scheme within the last two years.  Alternatively, you can choose to split the money over 2 years and still be eligible for the scheme in 2014.

You may apply for funding up to a maximum of £200 towards either:

Personal Development learning

This can be any non-work related, structured course or programme, and must have nothing to do with your current role at the London School of Economics. 

Career Development learning

This can be any non-work related structured course or programme, and will help you achieve your career goals. Any learning must not be essential to your current job role and will help towards your longer term career plans. For example, learning associated with a career-change you envisage in the future.

Please note: to meet any development needs which are essential to your current job role, please apply for funding via the External Funding Policy.

On completion of your learning activity, you will be asked to complete a Learn for You Progress Report to get your views on how the funding has helped you achieve your learning goals.