Coaching is a series of one to one, goal focused, confidential, development discussions with a coach. The aim of these discussions is to develop an individual's performance in their role and also their potential within a safe space for reflecting on and managing business and personal growth issues.

Coaching is not:-

  • Counselling – the focus is on work related issues, not personal problems, but we recognise a continuum and will refer appropriately, for example to the LSE staff counselling service
  • Mentoring, teaching, telling, prescribing, directing etc.

The LSE has a range of internal and external coaches available the types of areas they can assist with:

  • Managing relationships with staff, peers or own manager
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Understanding the impact of personal style and behaviours
  • Dealing with performance feedback e.g. from CDR discussions
  • Translating management theory into practice
  • Developing strategies for implementing and managing change

Coaching Package

The agenda for coaching is set by the individual, in consultation and agreement with their line manager.

Staff are entitled to have up to 4 x 90 minute sessions with a coach, which we recommend are taken within a 6 month period. Occasionally the number of sessions may be extended to 6 where there is a demonstrable benefit.

Matching of coach to coachee is facilitated by HR (OLL) after an initial consultation with the coachee and their line manager

An initial ‘chemistry’ meeting is held to ensure all are clear about outcomes (typically 60-90 minutes)

Coaching may be delivered face to face, by phone or a mixture of the two depending on the circumstances and requirements.

Headline themes/outcomes for coaching are captured within the Coaching Services Agreement which will also cover the frequency of meetings, confidentiality, monitoring and evaluation.

We are also happy to organise coaching on behalf of Departments/Divisions which they pay for from their own budget provision.

If you think you would benefit from coaching in the first instance, please talk to your line manager.  Either yourself or your line manager should then contact your HR Partner.