Recruitment and selection training

The job market has changed dramatically over last few years but it hasn't made recruitment any easier. Although your vacancies may now receive many more applicants, ensuring that you actually attract the right candidates, and select the one that mostly closely fits your role's requirements, can be a major challenge.

The HR Division runs a one day recruitment and selection training course targeted at managers across the School with a need to recruit, especially those that undertake support staff recruitment. The course is based on the RecruitmentToolkit and its objectives are to provide an overview of the School's recruitment processes, to give you a broad understanding of various recruitment techniques and how to get the best from them. It will help you become more effective when recruiting, and ensure that the people you select are the best fit for the jobs you need to fill. The course will also help you to develop your interview and selection skills. 

The course is made up of an interactive online module, followed by a one-day intensive course, with the support of professional actors to demonstrate and role play interview scenes.  

Topics covered include:

  • Avoiding unlawful discrimination in recruitment
  • Writing effective job advertisements
  • Preparing job descriptions and person specifications using the HERA competencies
  • Drawing up interview shortlists, and
  • Effective interviewing

Whether you are new manager at the School, or a more experienced manager looking to brush up your recruitment skills (and you haven't attended a recruitment course at the School), then please sign up. Visit the online training booking system.

Contact your HR Adviser to discuss and plan your next recruitment campaign.