Visiting Appointments: FAQs

Welcome to the LSE Visiting Appointments page.

If you are appointed as a Visiting Fellow, Visiting Senior Fellow, Visiting Professor or Visiting Professor in Practice please read the information below.  If you have been appointed as a Centennial Professor and a Named Fellow please contact your Department in the first instance.

How do I get an LSE ID Card?

How do I set up a bank account?

How do I change my arrival date?

How do I apply for an academic Visitor Visa?

How can I extend my Visiting Fellow invitation?

Will the LSE provide accommodation?


1. How do I get an LSE ID and Library Card?

For the duration of your Visiting Appointment you will have an LSE card, which serves as both Library and ID card on campus. You will need your LSE card in order to borrow books, to access LSE buildings and for your IT account to be created. Human Resources will liaise with LSE Security to ensure that your card is ready for collection on your first day.  If you have any further queries, please contact your Department/Centre/Institute manager.

2. How do I set up a bank account?

In order to open a bank account please come to the HR Reception (Second floor, Sardinia House) and they can produce a letter for you to give to your new bank here in the UK, in order for you to open an account. You need to bring with you;

  • Your Visiting Fellow/ Visiting Senior Fellow/ Visiting Professor invitation letter
  • Your last overseas residential address
  • Your present UK address
  • If you are receiving any form of payment from an outside source, such as expenses, salary or honorarium, you need to provide proof that you are receiving these payments. Acceptable forms of evidence would be letters from the source of funding, or pay slips.

3. How can I Change my arrival date?

You should inform the Department/Centre/Institute Manager if you arrival date is to be changed. They will be responsible for reporting this to HR.

4. How do I apply for an Academic Visitor Visa?

You can apply in your country of residence by contacting your local visa office. For more information on how to apply visit

5. How can I extend my Visiting Fellow invitation?

If you would like to extend you visiting appointment, please contact your Department/Centre/Institute Manager directly to discuss this.

6. Will the LSE provide accommodation?

Unfortunately the LSE is not able to provide accommodation for visitors. You may find it helpful to contact the LSE Accommodation Office, or contact your Department/Centre/Institute Manager for any suggestions.