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Organising local inductions

Good practice and handy hints

There is a great deal you can do within your team and unit, where staff spend most of their time. Included below are a checklist of things to consider when preparing for a new member of staff along with contact details for relevant service providers.

If in doubt as to how to go about any of this,don't worry, contact HR for advice on getting started.

  1. In advance of your new colleague's arrival think about sending some information on the School to help familiarise her/him with the place. You might want to select some of the elements from the central welcome pack or put together some materials of your own. Aim to provide general awareness and try not to overwhelm your new colleague. We don't want people worried in advance of their arrival. Always include a personalised cover note explaining why you are sending this rather than just slipping in a compliments slip.
  2. Think about making a courtesy telephone call the week before their start date checking that arrival arrangements on their first day are clearly understood. Another way of doing it is to send a greetings card signed by new colleagues welcoming that new person and noting arrival times.
  3. Plan the first days carefully so that the new staff member gets a comprehensive induction, meets other colleagues and gets a chance to access central supports like the short welcome to LSE induction video and site tour.  To book your new member of staff onto the Flying Start Induction please contact
  4. Make sure that someone is available to take the new staff member to lunch. There is nothing more isolating than being left alone at this stage on your first day.
  5. Plan the services you need for the new colleague. In an office environment, make sure there is space, furniture and basic services like phones and PCs ready for the new starter's first day. In non-office environments, think about things like locker space and organising uniforms, where relevant. Use the service contacts list to make necessary contact. Be aware that there are often significant lead time to access services, so try to avoid leaving things to the last minute.
  6. After day one, quickly focus on what you hope the new post holder will achieve and make necessary introductions to colleagues with whom they will be working closely. Take up any immediate training needs – on using LSE IT applications, for example – and provide an early response to issues raised by them.
  7. Provide regular support and feedback sessions with the new post holder over their first few weeks in post. This allows issues/problems to be taken up at source and get effectively dealt with.
  8. Offer praise wherever possible. It helps develop confidence and motivation.

You may also wish to read the guidance about review periods.

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