Research Staff Information

Welcome to the School's Research Staff information pages.

You will find below some links to a range of key information sources about the School which you may find useful.

Answers to many of the questions you will have about your new job can be found on the New Arrivals page and Human Resources websites.  Furthermore, the School has developed a handbook called 'Guidance on Supporting and Managing Research Staff'.  While this is aimed at managers of research staff, researchers themselves may also find it helpful.

In addition to the local induction that will be organised by your Centre/Department, there are two central induction programmes organised by the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and Human Resources (HR) respectively.

The 'Flying Start' Induction run by HR is an opportunity to learn about the LSE community, School structure and management, as well as to meet other new staff from across the School. A campus tour and light lunch are included. Further induction information is available here.  General information is also contained in the Induction Handbook produced by HR, available in PDF format here.  If you would like to receive a hard copy, please contact HR.

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) supports teaching and learning across the School, to improve teaching quality and enable both staff and students to get the most from their time at LSE.  TLC also cover all aspects of academic development including research and academic management. TLC activities are wide-ranging and include a variety of full day, half day and lunch time sessions on a range of topics, open to all LSE staff. Information on TLC workshops for research staff is available here:

For further information, please email Dr Sarabajaya Kumar, PhD and Research Staff Adviser (Email:

The LSE Careers Service website is the best place to keep up to date on Careers Service events and advice sessions, such as writing CV's and other career issues. For further information, please email Madelaine Chapman, PhD and Research Staff Careers Adviser,

The Research Division offers advice and assistance to the School's academic community in respect of all areas of funded research activity.

The Disability & Well-being Office provides advice and information for current and prospective students and staff with disabilities consistent with the School's aim of ensuring that all individuals of whatever race, gender or degree of disability can have equal access to studying and employment opportunities respectively and can gain maximum benefit. If you require special provisions to be made e.g. to accommodate any disability you may have do speak to your manager or contact the Disability and Well-being Office.

Also, did you know...

  • the School is currently engaged in reviewing its provision for research staff in line with the Principles set out in the RCUK  Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers 2008.  As a member of the Research Staff Committee which is leading on this work, I hope that as many of you as possible will engage with this process through participation in consultations when contacted.
  • Research staff are members of Academic Board which discusses all major issues of general policy affecting the academic life of the School and its development.
  • The Staff Consultative Council (SCC) provides a voice for all staff and is one of the first of its kind in UK Higher Education. Made up of 18 members from across the School, the SCC also has its own representative on Council. It is also consulted by LSE's management teams and committees when making decisions that affect staff.

Once again, welcome and enjoy your time with us.