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Jury service

The School recognises the contribution made by staff to public duties in the community. The School will therefore pay full salaries as usual whilst staff are on jury service for up to two weeks. Staff do not therefore have to claim for loss of earnings.

If you are allocated to a case which is expected to last more than two weeks, the School will ask staff to claim for loss of earnings up to the permitted maximum. However the School will in these circumstances still make up any shortfall between the permitted maximum and full salary. Please contact the Human Resources Division (HR.Pay.Info) for further advice.

During the period of jury service, there may be certain days when you are given advance warning by the court that you do not need to attend. You should come to work as normal on these days.

At the end of your period of jury service, staff are asked to inform the Human Resources Division of the days they were unable to attend for work.


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