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Family friendly benefits

Use the menu on the left to get relevant information on family-friendly policies and benefits.

Managers may find it helpful to refer in the first instance to the guidance notes for managing family leave|.


LSE has been awarded several awards recognising the School's support for parents and parents-to-be: 

Top Employers for Working Families

 WF_TopEmployer2014-Top10     WF_TopEmployer2014-SpecialAwardWINNER    WF_TopEmployer2014-Commended  WF_TopEmployer2014-Finalist     

In 2014 the LSE was awarded certification in the Top 10 Employers for Working Families for the second time. It is the only university to receive such certification.|

The LSE was also awarded the Cityfathers Best for All Stages of Fatherhood Award.

The LSE was also commended for the DTCC Best for Innovation Award and was a Finalist or the Centrica and Carers UK Best for Carers and Eldercare Award.

The Top Employers for Working Families Benchmark and Awards, founded by Working Families in partnership with the Institute for Employment Studies, recognise employers who have a long track record in family friendly and flexible working that continue to adjust and refine policies in response to employee and business needs. This is the fifth year the School has been recognised for its family friendly policies by Top Employers for Working Families.

Sarah Jackson OBE, Chief Executive of Working Families and Mary Mercer Principal Associate Consultant, Institute for Employment Studies said: "Organisations are motivated to move in a family-friendly and flexible direction, not because it is the right thing to do or a ‘nice’ employee benefit, but because they have understood that the way that the organisation operates and the way that employees want to live needs to be closely aligned. The goal is mutual success, in terms of performance and wellbeing and work-life fit”.” More:|

The Working Families Benchmark continues, in 2014, to be the tool of choice for organisations that want to understand and measure the progress and success of their flexible, high performance working initiatives, policies and practices. The benchmark attracts employers of all sizes from a wide range of sectors. Many are at different places in their flexibility ‘journey’: some have long established histories of over 20 years working on flexibility, while others are developing a supportive worklife culture for the first time. What unifies them is the recognition that building a truly flexible organisation that delivers high performance isn’t simply a matter of policy, but also of the interplay between practice, skills, management and commitment”


Top Employers for Working Dads

The LSE won the Best for Dads Award| for the third time in the five-year history of the awards. It was also highly commended in the Career Progression Award. The judges praised LSE for its 'commitment to innovation and its research leave policy which enables academic staff members to re-establish their research trajectory following a long period of absence'. The award is given to organisations showing specific support to dads that goes beyond what current legislation stipulates and supports parents to combine successful careers with being a parent.

More details here:|

Workingmums also shortlisted the LSE for the Best for Family Support.| 


The LSE won the Best for Dads Award for the third time. The judges praised LSE for its 'commitment to innovation and its research leave policy which enables academic staff members to re-establish their research trajectory following a long period of absence'. It is the third time LSE has taken out the ‘Best for Dads’ prize in the five-year history of the awards. A copy of the Top Employer Awards Best Practice Report 2015 can be accessed here|.

Media articles about LSE support to parents

Please select this link| to view recent media articles about the School's support to parents. 

Workshops for parents

As part of our commitment to helping staff develop a good work-life balance, we offer workshops on the topics below. Staff can book a place on a course through the LSE Training and Development system|. (Click on 'Career Development' and then 'Support for Parents')

Balancing work and being Dad|

This workshop is for new and expectant fathers. It looks at how to find the balance between being a dad and having a career. The workshop is open to employees and non-employee partners of School employees.

Balancing work and being mum|

This workshop is for new and expectant mothers. It looks at how to find the balance between being a mum and having a career. The workshop is open employees and non-employee partners of School employees.

Building Resilience in our Primary Age Children and Ourselves|

This workshop is suitable for all staff and partners of staff working at the LSE who are parents of primary age children either now or will be in the near future.  Evidence suggests that one of the best ways to help children to be more resilient is to support parents to be more resilient themselves.

Mentoring scheme for parents

Employees can also ask for support from the Mentoring scheme for new parents and parents-to-be|. The network aims to support employees with the transition to the role of a working parent. It offers support from trained mentors who work at the School and who already have experience of managing work and home.

Network for carers

Staff with caring responsibilities can join the Network for Carers of Adults: a network established to provide support to employees caring for adults. Contact| for more information. See general information for carers on flexible working and parental leave|.

Yammer groups

Two new private groups are now live:

Working Parents' Network|

A mutually supportive network for parents at work which allows them to informally share information, experience and ideas, and pool resources.

Network for Carers of Adults|

To provide information on possible support, both internal and external , share experiences & ask questions on what support carers would find helpful

Please contact Gail Keeley| if you would like to join either group