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Alcohol and drug related problems

The aim of the policy on alcohol and drug misuse at work is to encourage those with a dependency problem to come forward and seek treatment. It differentiates between the non-dependency use of drink and drugs that leads to unacceptable conduct and known dependency that leads to underperformance (while recognising that dependency can also result in unacceptable conduct).

Where underperformance is attributed to dependency, it is seen as a health problem in the first instance. Please contact your HR Partner for guidance on the appropriate steps to take. 

If, after treatment for dependency, underperformance continues beyond a reasonable timescale, options such as ill-health retirement will be considered before the incapacity procedure is invoked - see the capability health procedure for Academic Support Staff; the Disciplinary Procedure is not usually appropriate in these circumstances.

If there is a dependency problem but this is either not acknowledged or treatment is not sought, the Disciplinary Procedure is used to address work performance problems. Further information can be found on disciplinary and dismissals policy and procedure for Academic Support Staff.