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Occupational Health Service

The LSE recognises that it is responsible for promoting and enhancing a safe and healthy working environment and requires staff who are in good health. In order to support this, Robens Centre Occupational Health and Safety became the School's Occupational health provider in December 2014.

The occupational health process is a supportive mechanism which provides support to both managers and individuals on how work and the work environment can affect an employee's health and how an employee's health can affect their ability to perform well in their role. Occupational health can provide the School with medical advice regarding what steps the manager should consider, including any support the School might want to offer the individual.

If a manager has concerns about an employee's fitness for work, the manager may request an occupational health referral through the Human Resources Division or their HR Partner. Likewise, if the capability health procedure is triggered, HR may advise a manager that an occupational health referral is appropriate.

How does the referral happen?

If an employee has concerns about their own fitness for work, they should speak to their line manager who should contact their HR Partner or the HR Adviser for further advice. Alternatively, if a manager has concerns about an employee's fitness for work, they should talk to the employee and discuss the option of an occupational health referral. Managers should always seek advice from HR or their HR Partner.

The Robens Centre London clinic is based on Harley Street in Central London. A map can be downloaded here

After the referral, the manager will meet with the employee to discuss the content of the report with the employee, referring to the capability health procedure for advice on the appropriate way forward.

The report will be viewed by the HR Partner and the line manager. If it is decided that a capability health hearing should be convened (see capability health procedure), then those present at the capability hearing will have access to the report. Otherwise, the report will remain confidential.

 For further advice, please contact your HR Partner or HR Adviser.

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