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Fit Notes

Statement of Fitness to Work

From 6 April 2010 the 'Sick Note' (or medical certificate) was replaced by the 'Fit Note' (or Statement of Fitness for Work). The 'fit note' is issued by GPs, who will be able to advise the School if someone is 'not fit for work' or where they 'may be fit for work' and might be able to return to work sooner with some support and/or adjustments. If this is the case, or where further clarification on advice is given, managers should seek advice from HR to help staff get back to work sooner.

The School already obtains detailed advice of this kind through occupational health referrals. Where a GP feels that the person's condition or the adjustments required are complex or may impact on work performance, they may recommend an occupational health assessment. If this is the case or where further clarification on advice is given, managers should seek the advice from HR.

If you are an employee, please make sure that you provide your manager with your 'fit note' immediately. You manager may want to discuss any recommendations that your GP may have suggested and/or request an occupational health assessment before being able to agree.

If you are a manager, should discuss the advice given on a fit note with the person to see whether you are able to accommodate the suggestions. If the GP recommends an occupational health assessment or you require further clarification, please contact HR. You should also refer to the Capability health procedure for academic support staff and the sickness absence procedures.  

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Partner or HR Services.