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HR who's who

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A-Z of documents and information

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Academic annex

Academic and Research Appointments Recruitment and Selection Guidance

Academic Staff Career Development Guidance

Academic Office Holders Group

Academic staff leave
also see Research leave

Acas advice line at LSE

Access to work

Accessibility map

Accident reports

Acting Up

Additional Increments for Non-Professorial Academic Staff

Adoption policy and procedure

Advance payments policy for Tier 2 Visa applicants For new LSE employees seeking Tier 2 working Visas.

Advertising a vacancy (see recruiting new staff)

Age policy 

Alcohol and drug related problems 

Annual Faculty Performance Review (APR)

Annual leave

Annual leave cards

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy

Appeals procedure for Academic Support Staff

Attendance policy 



Bank details
See change of bank details


British Petroleum (BP)  Centennial Professor Scheme


Buyout (academic staff)


Capability health procedure

Capability performance

Career Development Reviews for Academic Staff and Research Staff

Career Development Reviews for Professional Services Staff


Carers policy

Casual employees

Change of address
To notify Human Resources of a change of address or other personal details please complete the employee details form and return to Pay and Information, Human Resources.

Change of bank details
To notify Human Resources of new bank account details please complete
the employee details form (PDF) and return to the Payroll team in the Finance Division.

Centennial Professor Scheme

Also see: British Petroleum (BP) Centennial Professor Scheme

Child care expenses 

Childcare vouchers

Coaching academy

Communiqué newsletters

Compassionate leave

Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Conflict of Interest

Contracts of employment
Also see Managing staff on fixed-term contracts and Managing staff on open-ended contracts subject to continued availability of specific funding

Contribution Awards for academic support staff

Contribution Awards for non-professorial academic staff

Contribution Awards for research staff and teaching staff

Counselling service - staff



Database access

Data Protection Act

DBS Guidance Notes


Disability and Well-being Office

Disciplinary issues for academic support staff



Effective Behaviours

Eligibility to work in the UK
See prevention of illegal working

Emergency childcare

Emergency leave

Emeritus Status
Upon resignation due to retirement from the School, Emeritus status is conferred upon Professors. This procedure is under review. 
Contact: Career Development and Reward Team

Employee Details Form

Electronic Employee Details Form

Elgibility to work

Equality and diversity
See policy on equality and diversity
See School's policy on disability
See diversity toolkit - designed to establish a basic level of understanding about diversity issues across the whole of the LSE

Equality and diversity online course evaluation form

Equal pay review

Equal pay statement

Exit questionnaire

Expectant and new mother's room

External examiners
Contact the Finance Division regarding payment queries.

External Experts, Promotions Committee

External funding

Eyesight tests for VDU users



Family friendly benefits

Fast Path National Insurance Number Scheme

Fees, Remission of

Fixed-term contracts
See Contracts of employment

Fit Notes

Flexible working

Forms for new starters

Statement of Fitness to Work - Fit Notes



Give As You Earn

Graduate teaching assistants, emeritus teachers and guest teachers

Grievance procedure

LSE Students' Union Annual Gym Membership Loan 




Health and safety courses

HERA (higher education role analysis)

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Authority)

See annual leave

Hourly-paid casual staff

Hourly-paid emeritus teachers

Hourly-paid graduate teaching assistants

Hourly paid guest teachers

Hourly-paid support staff

Hourly-paid research staff




Additional increments for academic and non-academic staff
See Contribution Awards
ContactCareer Development and Reward Team

Automatic Increments
See Automatic Increments

Induction (Flying start)

Industrial action

Insurance against the liability of external examiners examining non LSE postgraduate theses

Insurance at LSE
See Finance Division Insurance at LSE for information on Public Liability Insurance, Health Insurance: BUPA, PhD Examining, Travel Insurance

Interim Review
Information and guidance on Interim Review procedures.
See Guidelines for Interim Review
Contact: Career Development and Reward Team

Internal transfer (academic staff)
The regulations define Internal Transfer as a temporary reallocation of an individual's duties within the School, in which no direct payment from an outside body is involved.
Document: Internal transfer application form
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

International new recruits
International posting, please see the School Approach to Staff Working Overseas

Interview advice and one-to-one coaching
For guidance on interviewing techniques contact your HR Adviser. Advice can also be found in the Recruitment Toolkit. If you would like one-to-one coaching on any aspect of recruitment please contact Sarah Pedder or Raj Lakhani.

Interview expenses regulations and claim form

Investors in People                                                                                                             



Job descriptions

Job vacancies

Jury service



Keeping in touch day form (maternity)


Annual leave
Adoption leave
Compassionate leave
Buy-out (academic staff) - academic staff leave 
Emergency leave
Maternity leave
Parental leave
Paternity leave
Sabbatical leave (academic staff) - see academic staff leave 
Secondment (academic staff) - see academic staff leave 
Short leave (academic staff) - see academic staff leave
Sick leave - see sickness absence procedures
Travel leave (academic staff) - see academic staff leave
Document: management guidance notes - family leave
Unpaid leave (academic staff) - see academic staff leave 

HR Leaver Checklist

Leaving parties – see conference and events pages here 

Learn for You

Life Book

LSE Fellows - additional increments
See: Contribution awards
Contact: Career Development and Reward Team

LSE Fellows Career Development Scheme



Major Review
Information and guidance on Major Review procedures
See Guidelines for Major Review Contact: Career Development and Reward Team

Management and leadership

Managers of departments/institutes
See departmental heads and managers [PDF]

Managers of divisions
For managers of Central Administration, Library, Office of Development and Alumni Relations and other administrative units. 
See Central Administration, Library, Office of Development and Alumni Relations and other administrative units

Maternity policy and procedure


Mentoring Guidelines for Academic Staff and Research Staff

Mortgage references
If you require a mortgage reference, please send an email to humanresources@lse.ac.uk



Named Chairs Policy and Procedure

New Research Staff Career

New Research Staff Career - Promotion to or within

Non-academic staff recruitment

Non-Professorial Contribution Committee (NPCC)
Contact: Career Development and Reward Team



Occupational health service

Organisational Learning

Overseas, School Approach to Staff Working Overseas

Overseas staff

Overtime and additional hours policy
See the latest draft overtime and additional hours policy for support staff. The School is still in negotiation with the Unions regarding the detail of this policy, but we hope to resolve the issues soon. If you currently have no historic arrangements in place, please use the guidance in this policy.

Online Recruitment System (How to use) 



New employees without a P45 should complete a P46 (PDF)

For employees wishing to request a replacement P60 form

Parental leave

Paternity policy and procedure

The Pay Team

Pay news
For the latest information regarding pay awards to the School's salary scales, see pay news

Payroll deadlines
See payroll deadlines

Pay Scales – See LSE salaries

Pay queries
Please direct all salary queries to fin.div.payroll@lse.ac.uk

To view or print out copies of your past payslips please visit LSE for You

Pay Supplements


Performance and capability

Personal details
See bank/building society details form (PDF)
See employee details form (PDF)

Personal relationships at work

Person specifications
See Recruitment Toolkit.

Policy on the support for carers

Professionally qualified faculty scheme

Professional Services Staff Contribution Committee (PSSC) - Guidelines

Professional Services Staff Career Development Reviews

Positive retirement conference

Pressure management

Prevention of illegal working

Promotion and Review of Academic Staff

Promotion of Professional Services Staff

Promotion of Salaried Research Staff

Psychometric tests

Public holidays and School closure days 2015-2020



Recruiting new staff 

Panel composition for academic posts and academic support staff

Recruiting Academic and Research Staff -  Also see: EDI Recommendations for Academic Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection Guidance Notes for Academic Appointments

Recruitment and Selection Policy and Proecure (Professional Services Salaried Staff)

Recruiting Overseas Staff

Online Recruitment System 

Recruitment and selection training course
See online training booking system

Recruitment timetable

Recruitment toolkit



References - providing a reference

References - taking up
Contact your HR Adviser for guidance on taking up references as part of the recruitment process.

Reform of Academic Annex

Relocation Policy                                                                                                                     

Remission of fees

Remuneration Committee

Replacement teaching budget

Research leave

Research Staff Career Development Guidance

Resignations - advice for managers 

Resignations- advice for staff

Responsibility allowance policy

Retirement policy

Retirement Effective Personal Financial Planning 

Retirement parties- see conference and events pages here

Review periods

Rewarding staff

Right to work and right to work checks

Role profiles



Sabbatical leave (academic staff)
Sabbatical leave is a right of members of the academic staff whereas other forms of leave are considered a privilege or an "employment benefit".  The general purpose of sabbatical leave is to enable members of the teaching staff to pursue research, to undertake preparation of new courses and to retrain in fresh areas of academic activity.
Document: Sabbatical Leave Application Form
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

Salary scales
Details of salary scales for 2016. See LSE salaries.

School closure
See public holidays and School closures

School Professors Scheme The Scheme is a recruitment and retention device to provide the capacity to attract or retain to the School scholars of outstanding international distinction in their field of study.
Contact: Sofia Avgerinou, HR manager

Season ticket loans
See season ticket loans for information on the scheme and application forms.
Contact: seasontickets@lse.ac.uk or Dominic Burchnall

Secondment (academic staff)
Secondment is leave taken to enable the individual to accept an appointment at another institution. The individual is paid direct by the other institution and comes off the School payroll for the duration of the leave.  A member of staff may apply to be seconded for a period of up to two years. In cases where a strong case can be made on the grounds of public service, the Appointments Committee may agree to extend the period, subject to an absolute limit of three years.
Document: Secondment Application Form
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

Secondment (academic support staff)

Self-employed contractors

Senior common room (SCR)
See senior common room for rates of membership and the application form.
Contact: Pay and Information

Service Level Expectations

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Short leave/travel leave (academic staff)
Short Leave/Travel Leave can be granted to a member of the academic staff for any period not exceeding four weeks during term time without reduction of salary or allowances. Applications for short leave periods not exceeding one week should be made to the Head of Department, who has authority to grant it. Heads of Department are requested to inform their HR adviser key contacts, in writing of all the cases of short leave which they have granted.
Document: Short/Travel Leave Application Form
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

Sickness absence procedures 

Single Nomination Policy

Staff Consultative Council (SCC)

Staff Induction

Staff mentoring scheme

Staff support leave

Staff Survey

Staff Volunteering Leave 

Starting salary guidance


Stress and pressure at work

Summer school for staff 2010



Team Briefing Guidelines

Terms and conditions of employment

Temporary Lecturer Appointments

Temporary staff requests

Termination of contracts

Time off for emergencies involving a dependant


Trade Unions Agreement

Travel expenses for selection committee members

Travel insurance for staff
Travel insurance for staff travelling abroad on School business.
See: Travel insurance
: Finance Division

Travel/short leave
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

Two Ticks Scheme



Unpaid leave (academic staff)
Members of academic staff may apply for unpaid leave at the discretion of their Head of Department.  The member of staff comes off the School payroll for the duration of the unpaid leave. Unpaid Leave Application Form
See academic staff leave
Contact: Pay and Information

Unpaid leave (academic support staff)




Visiting appointments

Volunteering leave for staff


Well-being Policy

Working aboard, please see the School Approach to Staff Working Overseas

Work Permits 

Workforce data