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Strategic Review final report|

The Strategic Review concluded in Summer Term 2014. The final report |by the Director was endorsed by the School’s Council in June. Implementation of the vision it expressed for the School will be led in the coming months by the Director and his Management Team.


National Pay Award agreed for 2014, effective 1 August 2014|

The national pay negotiations for 2014-2015 between UCEA and the HE trade unions reached an agreement over the national pay award, to be implemented in August 2014. Compared with the August 2013 rates of pay, the award increases all annual salary amounts on the LSE spine by 2%.

For further information on the pay negotiations visit:|

The pay scales are available to view in PDF format here|.



LSE WiFi users should now switch their devices to eduroam. New access to lsesecure WiFi will be decommissioned on 15 July, while access to lsebasic WiFi will cease on 31 July.  

To make the switch, enable WiFi on your device, make sure you are at an area on campus with coverage and choose eduroam as your wireless network. Sign in using your LSE email address and LSE password. For more detailed guidance, see|.