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Support and advice for staff

Who should be my first point of contact if I have an issue?

We understand that staff may often not know who to approach if they need advice on equality and diversity related issues for themselves or their colleagues. These may include bullying and harassment, flexible working, mental health issues etc. Mostly, depending on the issue, you will have several options but generally speaking, it's best to explore the following - 

Line manager - Your line manager is your first point of contact for all work related issues. However, if you don't feel comfortable talking to your line manager or if your issue is related to your line manager, you have other people in the School to talk to.

HR Partners - HR Partners support managers and staff with HR planning and HR related issues. You can approach them to raise an issue and/or ask for advice.

Related Services - If you have a specific issue, you may wish to contact one of our related services, such as Health and Safety, Counselling, Chaplaincy etc.

Equality and Diversity team - The Equality and Diversity team can provide advice and information on matters related to equality and diversity, so please contact them if you're not sure what to do or who to talk to. 

You may also wish to see Policies and Training.

Mental health and wellbeing

Time to Change pledge

The School is committed to challenging mental health stigma and is a signatory to the Time of Change pledge. As part of the pledge, the School has written an action plan [PDF] setting out what it intends to do to challenge mental health discrimination and stigma.

If you're concerned about your own or a colleague's mental health and would like to seek advice, please see above for the list of people you can approach.

You can also use the following resources - 

Parents and carers

For information on support for parents/parents-to-be and carers, please see Human Resources webpages on Family friendly benefits and Information for Carers which provide information on (but not limited to) the following - 

  • Flexible working
  • LSE Nursery
  • Childcare vouchers Members of staff can 'exchange' or sacrifice part of their salary in return for childcare vouchers. Tax and National Insurance contributions are not taken on the amount of the salary sacrificed.
  • Childcare costs when on conferences or fieldwork - Where the funder allows childcare costs to be covered by the grant, the costs may be claimed by the employee with support from the School. For more details, please see FAQs.
  • Emergency childcare Parents can call the Nursery from 8.15am onwards to check whether they are able to look after their child at short notice.
  • Emergency paid leave - For crisis incidents affecting a dependant, staff can take up to two days paid emergency leave.
  • Compassionate leave Members of staff are allowed paid leave for the death and attendance at the funeral of immediate family members, other close relatives or other people with whom they had a close continuing relationship.
  • New and expectant mothers' room - The School provides a room where expectant mothers can put their feet up and rest and where those who are still breastfeeding can express and store milk. 
  • Networks and support - There are several networks, such as the New Parents and Parents-to-be network and the Network for Carers, which can provide networking and mentoring opportunities as well as a listening ear and support.

Grievances and harassment

For information on the School policies and procedures on disciplinaries, grievances and harassment, please see Human Resources.


Various equality and diversity training courses are available to all staff to give them an understanding of equality and diversity, such as Equality and Inclusion for Managers and Non-managers, Fair Treatment and Respect and the online equality and diversity course. To book a place on one of these courses, please go to the Training and Development System.

If you want to organise training for your team on a particular issues, please contact the Equality and Diversity team for advice.