How to contact us


Chair, EDI Task Force

Prof Carola Frege


Executive Officer, EDI Task Force

Joy Whyte


EDI Office


Carolyn Solomon-Pryce

020 7955 6621


Asiya Islam

020 7955 7826


Noureen Akhtar

020 7106 1229


Queen's House

Ground Floor

London School of Economics

Staff networks

Disabled Staff Network - Open to disabled staff members, parents, carers or partners of disabled people, and allies who have an interest in progressing disability equality at LSE.


EMBRACE - The School's black and minority ethnic group, open to staff.

Contact:, Web: Embrace

Gender Equality Forum - A network of women across LSE committed to addressing gender inequality in pay, access and culture.


Mental Health Support Group - Open to all staff who have experienced mental health difficulties, this informal group gives staff an opportunity to get together once a term.


Network for Carers - Network to provide support to employees caring for adults.


Network for New Parents and Parents-to-be - Network offering confidential support to working parents and parents-to-be with advice from trained mentors who work at the School and who already have experience of managing work and home.


Neurodiversity Interest Group -  A regular group for both students and staff with neurodiverse conditions (dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, Aspergers and others) to meet other members and exchange successful coping strategies.


Spectrum - A network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) staff at LSE to promote their interests and run events and meetings.

Contact:, Web: Spectrum, Twitter: @LSESpectrum