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Equality and Diversity Ambassadors

All members of the Equality and Diversity Executive Group are designated Equality and Diversity Ambassadors. The ambassadors' role is to drive the School’s equality and diversity agenda forward by supporting cultural change and providing a visible leadership commitment. They are responsible for using their position and influence to ensure action is taken to progress equality and diversity in the School and to increase awareness of and engagement with equality and diversity in their departments/divisions. 

You can contact an ambassador if you have any queries, concerns or feedback.

Stuart Corbridge

Provost and Deputy Director
Contact: s.e.corbeidge@lse.ac.uk 

Adam Sandelson

Head of Student Wellbeing
Contact:: a.sandelson@lse.ac.uk

http://www.lse.ac.uk/counselling, 020 7852 3627
http://www.lse.ac.uk/disability, 020 7955 7767


As Head of Student Wellbeing I am working to develop the key services of counselling, disability and wellbeing for students. I have always been passionate about equality and now work to engage with staff in many different areas. I am proud of the work that has been done by many talented colleagues within the Equality and Diversity series of events for staff. These are open to all staff, and over the past two years we have hosted a large number of innovative sessions covering many aspects of disability, as well as other issues including gender, race, religion, sexuality and widening participation. 

I’m someone who can get things done within the School, but I also hope people find me an approachable person. I have spent most of my life up till now working as a professional counsellor, and I can help by being someone who can listen and understand what people are going through, as well as finding practical advice and taking up organisational issues. Please get in touch if you are having concerns, and let’s see what can be done to help.

Andrew Webb

Acting Secretary
Contact: a.webb@lse.ac.uk; 020 7849 4959

I agreed to be an E&D Ambassador because I believe it is morally wrong to treat people differently in terms of opportunity and respect simply because of who and what they are and because I care about the LSE as an organisation. Quite apart from the legal and compliance aspect, I believe the School is diminished reputationally (and financially) if does not take equality and diversity and wellbeing seriously.

I took the view that I was only going to be effective as an Ambassador if I bit off what I could chew and focused on one protected characteristic and worked to support that. I didn't want to waste time and effort on a vague tokenistic gesture. So I have also agreed to be the senior champion for Spectrum, the School’s LGBT staff network. In this role, I am reverse mentored by the chair of Spectrum and will be working with the network to see what the School is doing and can do to protect the interests of LGBT people.

Andy Farrell

Chief Financial Officer
Contact: a.farrell@lse.ac.uk


Whereas I have a formal management responsibility for equality and diversity in so far as the divisions I am responsible for have over 600 staff and their activities affect staff, students, visitors and others at the School, my primary interest in equality and diversity issues is driven more by personal experience of disability and the experiences of colleagues, family and friends. Spending much of my life up to age 8 as a resident at or commuter to Birmingham Eye Hospital had some clear physical effects, which are somewhat inconvenient, but also left me with what would now be called developmental disorders that I still struggle with today. I cannot change any of the past, but as a manager here I am committed to doing all I can to ensure that all people of whatever backgrounds or circumstances can get the most out of their time here and can flourish as staff, students or visitors at the LSE.

Students' Union Community and Welfare Officer
Contact: su.communitywelfare@lse.ac.uk

Ian Marston

Security team leader
Contact: i.marston@lse.ac.uk

I have been at the LSE for 14 years and have worked with many people from different backgrounds and cultures in security. Since 2007, when I was promoted to team leader, I have dealt with many equality and diversity issues. I am a representative of the Unite union and I try to promote fairness to one and all. I have also done counselling and coaching courses. Please feel free to contact me.

Jan van den Heuvel

Professor of Mathematics and Head of Department of Mathematics
Contact: j.van-den-heuvel@lse.ac.uk, 020 7955 7625

Jan-van-den-HeuvelMathematics traditionally has had few women at all levels: from undergraduate students to academics. Although those numbers at undergraduate and master level have improved considerably (at least in the UK and in many, but not all, western countries), the number of women drops drastically at PhD level and beyond. As Head of a Mathematics Department, I want to find out what can be done about that. I am convinced that taking steps to make a university a more attractive workplace for women, will also make it more attractive for everybody. As a second point, I realise more and more that many of our rules, policies and ways of working that seem to be neutral with regard to equality and diversity, in practice are often anything but neutral. I see it as part of my role to raise the awareness of that phenomenon at every level in the institute.

Revd Dr James Walters

Chaplain and Interfaith Adviser
Contact: j.walters2@lse.ac.uk, 020 79557956

Jim-WaltersI have been the LSE’s chaplain and interfaith adviser since 2010. As well as providing pastoral support to any student or member of staff who requests it, I advise the School on issues of religion and belief. I edit the LSE Religion and Belief Guide and oversee the LSE Faith Centre which houses provision for the religious requirements of different faith groups, organise a programme of interfaith activities, and create a space for meditation and reflection on campus. I am a priest in the Church of England but have a background in religious studies with a particular interest in Islamic mysticism.

Nicole Boyce

Departmental manager, Department of Government
Contact: n.boyce@lse.ac.uk, 020 7955 7204

My particular interests in this area at LSE lie in understanding unconscious biases within recruitment and career progression procedures. In my role as Equality and Diversity Ambassador I am keen to promote fair treatment for all. My research topic is on how women’s human rights are deployed by NGOs working in West Bengal compared with those based in London.

Paul Kelly

Pro-director, Teaching and learning
Contact: p.j.kelly@lse.ac.uk, 020 7955 7190

Paul-KellyAs Pro-director for teaching and learning, I have an important responsibility for a large area of the School's core activities where issue of equality and diversity are crucial. As someone who has always considered equality and diversity an important moral and practical imperative, when I was asked to become an ambassador, I could hardly refuse. But signalling the School's seriousness about equality and diversity is not the only reason for taking up this role as our seriousness means nothing unless each one of us is prepared to do something about these issues. 

The challenge for me is to turn principle into action that impacts on all my roles. I don't promise to be effective all the time, but I am committed to building equality and diversity into teaching, learning and the wider educational experiences of staff and students. I am concerned about the whole range of E&D issues but have chosen to be reverse mentored on issues facing black and minority ethnic staff and their absence from the life of the School. This is an area where the School has a very pressing need to reconsider its position and practices - I look forward to the help of many colleagues on this issue.

Rishi Madlani

LSE Governor and former LSESU General Secretary (2005-06)
Contact: r.madlani@lse.ac.uk 

Rishi-MadlaniGovernors of the University are often asked to serve the school through providing an external view point on the governance structures of the school and I was delighted to be invited on to the Equality and Diversity Executive Group as continuously campaigning and pushing for a more inclusive society is a lifelong passion of mine.

Outside of the LSE, I am the UK Chair of the RBS Rainbow Network and have been working hard to improve the organisation I work for into one that is a hugely more inclusive company than the one I first joined. I look forward to bringing some of this expertise to the LSE.

Sara Geneletti

Lecturer in Statistics, UCU Equality and Diversity representative
Contact: s.geneletti@lse.ac.uk

Sara-GenelettiI am the equality and diversity representative for the University and Colleges Union (UCU) and as such I am interested in helping out, in particular UCU members, but also more generally all academic staff if they think they have been discriminated against. 

Simeon Underwood

Academic Registrar and Head of Academic Services
Contact: s.underwood@lse.ac.uk, 020 7955 6858

My role in relation to equality and diversity is to co-ordinate the School’s activity on the student side of the house, working across teams in the Academic Registrar’s Division and beyond. Over the years we have assembled, refined and analysed a great deal of data. On the basis of the data we have identified areas for concern – at the moment (a) the profile of our UK postgraduate students and (b) the exam performance of disabled students are, I my view, the areas to which the School needs to give especially close attention; and both of these have a ripple effect across a very wide range of administrative and support services.  I also believe that in our work in this area we should not be constrained by the official list of “protected characteristics”:  there are other forms on inequality the School should keep in its thinking, especially inequalities around the social backgrounds of the students we admit.  

Sophia Douglas

Graduate Admissions
Contact: s.n.douglas@lse.ac.uk, 020 7107 5279

I have worked for the LSE for 10 years within the Graduate Admissions Office and enjoy the diverse nature of the school. I have strong interests in cultural diversity and mental health especially in how these are intertwined. Over my time at the school, I have tried to promote an inclusive and accepting community and place value on how I treat others. I love to challenge the status quo and try to keep an open mind. I am also currently Unison’s Branch Secretary and equality and diversity officer. 

Sunil Kumar

Dean of Graduate Studies
Contact: pg.dean@lse.ac.uk, 020 7955 7849

As Dean of Graduate Studies with pastoral oversight for some 4,000 postgraduate students and over 1,000 research students, a majority of whom are international, issues of equality and diversity are highly significant. In chairing the Equality and Diversity Consultative Forum and being a member of the Equality and Diversity Executive Group, I am keen to flag up and pursue issues relating to equality and diversity in so far as they apply to not only students but other members of the LSE community as well. I also have a personal interest in equality and diversity issues as an Indian national resident in the United Kingdom for the past 25 years.