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EMBRACE (Ethnic Minorities Broadening Racial Awareness & Cultural Exchange) is LSE's BME staff network. EMBRACE exists to raise awareness of and influence change around culture and diversity issues which affect LSE staff. It seeks to promote mutual understanding through equality, transparency, respect and recognition. The aim of the network is to provide support as well as development and networking opportunities for all members. 

EMBRACE is open to all members of LSE staff.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please email| us.

Film Season - September/October/November 2013

EMBRACE is holding a film season on Wednesdays in September starting from 11 September 2013.  These are informal social gatherings to promote mutual understanding in cultural differences and diversity.  All staff are welcome to attend - and bring your popcorn!

Venue: Room B.07 (Basement Level), Lincoln's Inn Fields

Time: From 6:15 p.m. 

  • Wed, 11 September 2013 - Film Preview (mystery choice)
  • Wed, 18 September 2013 - The Great Debaters
  • Wed, 25 September 2013 - Life is Beautiful
  • Thur, 10 October 2013 - In the Mood for Love
  • Wed, 23 October 2013 - Beloved
  • Wed, 30 October 2013 - The Last King of Scotland

EMBRACE Staff Network Conference
In celebration of the first anniversary of its launch, EMBRACE is hosting a staff network conference with the theme "Experiences of BAME people in Higher Education and shaping the future" featuring guest speakers. The event takes place on Thursday 3 May 2012 from 6pm in Room NAB 2.04.  See here| for further details of this event.

EMBRACE is also hosting an event entitled "Social Diversity within the workplace" and the speaker is Rapahel Mokades, the founder and Managing Director of Rare Recruitment, an organisation whose mission is to “help the best employers in the world build workforces of brilliant people that reflect society's diversity.”  This event also takes place on Thursday 3 May 2012 from 1pm to 2.30pm in Room NAB LG.09 and is open to staff and students.

Both events are free to attend but spaces are limited so if you would like to attend either or both, please email| to indicate which event(s) you would like to attend.

Black History Month
EMBRACE hosted an event entitled "What were black people doing in World War I" as part of Black History Month.  Tony Warner of Black History Walks gave a presentation of the crucial role played by men and women from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean during WWI.

Chocolate Masterclass and Tasting event
EMBRACE held a Chocolate Masterclass and Tasting in May 2011 as part of Adult Learners' Week. The event included a talk by Paul Wayne Gregory followed by a chocolate making demonstration and a chocolate tasting session. For more information about Paul Wayne Gregory, please click on the following link:|

Black History Tour
Also as part of Adult Learners' Week in May 2011, EMBRACE hosted Black History Tour of the St Paul's area. The unique walk took in side streets and back alleys that one would never see from the main road. Hidden connections between Africa, the diaspora and the infrastructure of ancient and modern London were revealed, as well as how African names came to be given to streets and areas. The visual imagery of London was observed, as were the obvious African influences, which are so often ignored or missed altogether.

EMBRACE launched at LSE
On Thursday 31st March, 2011 EMBRACE held its official launch. The Chair of EMBRACE, Daniel Beckley, opened with a heartfelt speech, outlining how the group was formed and arrived at this point, the dedication and commitment of members and its hopes for the future. 

Professor George Gaskell, Pro-Director (Research and Planning) welcomed everyone to the event.  He spoke about diversity initiatives at the LSE and the School's stance on equality and diversity issues. He also spoke about the new Equality and Diversity Ad-Hoc Committee, how and why it was formed and its membership. It was encouraging to hear that the School looks on equality and diversity with such positivity and importance, and the progress being made in these areas at LSE.

The evening's keynote speaker was the Honourable Mrs Justice Dobbs. Justice Dobbs is an LSE alumnus and member of the LSE Court of Governors.  She holds a number of honours which include being the first black person to be appointed a high court judge in the UK.  Her speech focused on the Equality Act 2010; its background, importance and place at LSE. She spoke of how encouraging it is to have a network of this nature at LSE, and the importance of networking and mentoring amongst peers, which is very much at the heart of the EMBRACE ethos. 

Get more information!
Check out the School's Equality and Diversity blog|. You can also find LSE Equality and Diversity on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you into social networking, it's a great way to follow what is happening in these areas at the School.

To provide the opportunity to share experiences about working at the School;
To provide a safe environment for BAME staff to discuss their issues;
To provide a space to network (also see 'Social' aspect below);
To collaborate with other groups with similar aims to exchange information and advice;
To organise and host social events to promote, raise awareness of and celebrate our cultural diversity.


To work together to assist members to develop skills, confidence and knowledge to enable progress with the School and beyond;

To provide support, guidance and information where relevant to all; 
To promote involvement on School committees, forums and governing bodies;
To form part of the consultation process on School strategies, policies and guidelines on relevant issues;
To advise members of benefits and provisions available.

Members of the EMBRACE Committee:

Chair:           Lewina Coote
Secretary:   Dianne Delvaille (interim)
Treasurer:  Isi Dossouhon
Fundraising Officer:  Anne Okello

The Committee is also supported by the following members of LSE staff:

Daniel Beckley
Spencer Javangwe
Cecelia Okereke
Yvonne Ward