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SITS Training Sessions

Data Management now offers two SITS training sessions per month which any user can sign up to: two ‘Basic SITS Training’ and one ‘Advanced SITS Training’ sessions run at regular intervals. The details of the courses are as follows:

Basic Training

Topics Covered:

  • Familiarisation with the SITS environment
  • Accessing basic student data
  • How the admissions system works
  • Student programme and course registration, looking up results.
  • How to run reports
  • Using analytical tools
Advanced Training - How to create SRLs

Topics Covered:

  •  How does a database work?  
  •  Dictionaries, entities and fields
  •  Introduction to batches
  •  Creating standard letters and reports

Please note that there are no further scheduled Advanced Training sessions, they are only available on request. Most staff are unlikely to require this training unless they are in the central administration offices.

Calendar of Training Sessions in 2015:

All sessions will last around 1-2 hours. Please click here to book your place on a training session. N.B. During the exam period we will hold Basic Training sessions on an ad hoc basis. Please complete the form below as normal and suggest a date when you are able to attend and we will arrange a time with you.

SITS training
 Type Month Day Time Location
Basic January 30 11am STC.S03
Basic February 13 11am STC.S03
Basic February 27 11am STC.S03
Basic March 13 11am STC.S03
Basic March 27 11am STC.S03
Basic April 10 11am STC.S03

Please complete the form below to sign up to one of these training sessions.

  • Name
  • Do you have a SITS username?
  • I would like to attend: