This page guides you to all the complaints procedures across the School.

If you have a complaint to make, please click on the relevant link below and follow the procedure.

Responses that are not made in this manner may not be dealt with, so please ensure that you follow the correct procedure.

If you have a complaint about an area of the School not covered by the list below, please contact the relevant Convener, Head of Service or Division etc. Details are available in the Telephone Directory|

Please note the difference between a service request and a service complaint.  For example, if something is broken and has not yet been repaired/replaced it could be that it has not been reported.  You should first make a service request via the Service Request|.  Only if a request has not been carried out should you make a complaint.  For IT related service requests, please refer to the IMT| pages.

Complaint about: Procedure or contact:
Student complaints on academic matters Principles and procedures for the consideration of student complaints| in the School Regulations and Codes of Practice| section
Service Service complaints |
Harassment Procedure for resolving complaints about harassment (including bullying) in the School |
Library Feedback Form |
Finance Email:| 
IMT Email:|