SITS access

For information on requesting access to, resetting your password or amending your access to SITS, please follow the relevant steps below.

Request a new user account

If SITS is not currently installed on your PC you will need to request it to be installed by your IT support team. See IT Services contact details to find out who you should contact.

Windows 7 users:

Start > All Programs > Administrative Applications > SITS > SITS LIVE

To request access for a new departmental administrator who will be dealing with admissions for Graduate programmes, please complete the Systems Access Form.

To request access for any member of staff who is not a departmental administrator, please use this SITS account form.

Request SITS password reset

Request your password be reset.

Request further access

If you require access to additional screens please complete this online form: Request further SITS access and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Access to potentially sensitive information may require authorisation from other areas in LSE.