Other assistance

Emergency rooms for staff

Overnight accommodation may be available for key staff who experience travel problems during tube strikes or exceptionally bad weather and emergency incidents etc.

Rooms are let on a first-come first-served basis. They are charged at £20 per room per night and approval from the head of service/head of department is needed if payment is to be made from a School budget.

To check availability and to make a booking, contact Residential Services at vacations@lse.ac.uk or call 020 7955 7575.

For more details on emergency arrangements see: Business Continuity

Residential Services Office

The Residential Services Office in SAW assists many thousands of students not allocated a place in halls to find accommodation in the private sector each year. Though the office's own database of flats and houses is aimed primarily at the student letting market. Residential Services office staff have a wealth of experience and can offer advice and assistance in a number of areas.

New staff arriving in London to start work in September are welcome to book rooms in any LSE hall (subject to availability) whilst seeking permanent accommodation. From mid August until the start of term it is usually possible to choose from a range of locations though most "accommodation seekers" prefer to stay in High Holborn Residence because of it close proximity to the School. Some halls are also available to staff for limited periods at Christmas and Easter.

See: Accommodation

LSE Vacations 

If you are looking for short term accommodation during the vacation periods then LSE Vacations may be able to provide assistance. Many of our residences open commercially during the vacations and discounted rates are available to all LSE staff. Some limited short stay accommodation is also available during term time.

Please visit the lsevacations website  or call us on +44 (0)20 7955 7575

Financial assistance with relocation

LSE will assist with relocation in accordance with policy as amended from time to time. The Director of the School and Heads of Departments also have discretion to provide additional assistance as they deem appropriate. To view further details of assistance with relocation, view: LSE relocation policy summary [PDF] and the Finance Division's information on travel at LSE.

Online and offline lettings listings

Letting agencies and estate agents

These are private businesses used by landlords to advertise and sometimes manage their properties. Agencies can be good way to find private accommodation but caution is advised. Under the Accommodation Agencies Act of 1953, it is an offence to demand a registration fee, or take money for simply supplying details of accommodation to let. However agencies may charge a fee once they have found you accommodation. This can sometimes be as much as three weeks rent and most will also charge to draw up contracts or an inventory, so do ask before you register what charges to expect. We advise using agencies registered with the University of London Housing Services.

The LSE Residential Services Office posts all notices onto the on-line message board: www.lsestudentpad.com

Notice boards

Checking advertisements on notice boards in newsagents' windows and in supermarkets is one of the cheapest ways to find accommodation. The accommodation may also be cheaper than that advertised in newspapers or through agencies. However, you will mainly find rooms, bedsits and bed and breakfast places rather than flats.

There are also useful notice boards outside the University of London Housing Services in ULU.


  • Loot (daily) - Loot's website publishes the previous days adverts online. To get the most up to date list of properties you will have to buy a copy of their paper. Loot is useful for giving an indication of the kind of properties currently available and prices.
  • The Evening Standard (Monday - Friday)
  • Time Out (Wednesday),
  • Dalton's Weekly (Thursday)
  • The London Weekly Advertiser (Wednesday)

Local newspapers are particularly useful if you are concentrating your search in a specific area and www.ukpropertyshop.com for a list of Estate and letting agents.

Finally, try www.upmystreet.com for local information and links to agents.