How to contact us

Please see our Contact us page to find your workplace representative.


Alternatively, you can ring UNISONdirect on 0845 355 084 

Why join?

Most people join a union because they want protection at work - help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work.

UNISON negotiates pay and working conditions at every level - local, regional and national. But we also do a lot more. Reps provide support and advice and campaign for better conditions and pay.

 The major benefits are:

  • better working conditions such as improved health and safety or pay;
  • training for new skills to help you develop your career;
  • advice on your legal employment rights;
  • advice on finance and problems at work.

UNISON also offers you: 

  • Excellent legal services at work and home.
  • Access to free legal advice.
  • Education & training, advice and courses leading to vocational and professional qualifications.
  • A colour magazine sent to your home four times a year.
  • Pensions advice and welfare services as well as certain benefits.


Being a UNISON member also gives you a range of Member Benefits such as grants for Learning and great deals including Dental cover and Health care with UnisonPlus+

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