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News From UNISON LSE Branch!

LSE Agree to Noonan Claim Talks with UNISON, Forming A Joint Partnership.

Unison Branch Secretary Sophia Douglas has signed off a joint partnership agreement that will for the first time ever see the LSE becoming part of the Machinery of Negotiation that will negotiate a Terms and Conditions claim for an outsourced group of workers. At the Noonan Joint Negotiating Committee meeting held on October 3rd, UNISON tabled a claim on behalf of our members and all Noonan cleaners at LSE that seeks amongst other things an increase in annual leave and a contractual entitlement to sick pay. At the meeting Unison representatives made it clear that for talks to be legitimate the LSE would need to be involved in the process, as appropriate in their role as client to the contractor, Noonan.

What this means? Staff have a say about issues affecting them and have a voice in any discussions regarding potential changes affecting them. The new agreement sees the establishment of a new cleaners Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee (JNCC) that shall have the remit to negotiate areas including: Pay, other contractual benefits, terms and conditions of employment, health and safety, Noonan policies that form part of the contract of employment, organisational change, reorganisations and/or redundancies and Working conditions. The Negotiating team will be led by the UNISON LSE Branch Secretary and will involve Noonan reps from both the campus and the residences.

All parties to the agreement have recognise the need for talks to begin as soon as possible and we anticipate a first meeting to take place within the next few weeks, we will keep you up to date with how these progress.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this partnership please don't hesitate and contact the branch as we want to hear from you. It is important that staff have their say and a voice for issues that concern them.