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UCU takes Strike Action in support of our pensions

Changes worst for new and younger staff

On 30th November LSE UCU joined UCU staff from other institutions across London and across the country in a vibrant day of picketing, strike action and marches again the unfair pension changes. A record number of people participated in and supported the action because of the threat to our pensions|.

LSE UCU members are also continuing to take part in a national work to contract campaign which began on Monday 10 October. We only doing what we are paid for and nothing extra, unpaid, work we normally do to provide our students with excellent learning opportunities and to keep the School running smoothly.

We distributed over 2,500 leaflets to students at the Houghton Street Fair and the Freshers' Fair explaining what we are doing, apologising to students their studies.

We held a rally in Houghton Street on the first day of term: the first working day of the new pensions arrangements.

If the dispute is not settled by the end of November we will be joining the TUC one day strike on 30 November in support of public sector pensions.

You can read more about why we are taking action in the letter we sent to The Beaver. There is extensive background information and news of the developing campaign on the USS page on the UCU national website|.

If you want to take an active part in defending your pension, or want more information contact the Branch Secretary|.

What do our students think?

LSE Students Union have discussed their attitude to our strikes at length. They have decided they support us

NEW in Lent Term 2012

LSE UCU advice sessions

 Mondays 1330-1400 starting 9 January
 OLD G.20

We will be holding advice sessions in our new Brach office every Monday from the start of the lent term. You can talk to a member of the branch committee about a concern about any aspect of your employment at LSE or if you want to learn more about joining UCU.

You can of course still talk to your departmental representative or any branch officer or contact us at|


UCU's response| to Howard Davies' messages to staff on the strikes and USS negotiations

LSE had a stall at LSE learning at work day on 20 May - see photos||


Things you ought to know

 UCU subscriptions are tax deductable

In broad terms, UCU members can get tax relief against their national subscription, excluding the political fund element. However, this eligibility may vary according to your individual circumstances, so please check with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

more details|

This makes your membership even more of a bargain.

About the UCU

The University and College Union (UCU) represents more than 120,000 academics, lecturers, trainers, instructors, researchers, managers, administrators, computer staff, librarians and postgraduates in universities, colleges, prisons, adult education and training organisations across the UK. UCU is the largest post-school union in the world: a force working for educators and education that employers and the government cannot ignore.

We negotiate salaries and conditions of employment for our members, as well as seeking to represent their views on professional matters affecting all aspects of higher education.  Negotiations take place both nationally and through Local Associations in individual institutions.

Information about the UCU at LSE

Local Committee 2011-12|

UCU/LSE procedural agreement|

UCU/LSE facilities agreement|


Information about the UCU nationally

National UCU web site|

Join the UCU

To join the UCU, you must join your Local Association. Please join online| or contact the membership secretary, Jo Taplin-Green| (ext. 7609) for one, or talk to any member of the committee|.

There is also information about the benefits of membership| on the national UCU website.   Joint membership is possible if you are already a member of certain other unions. Details are here|.

Pay Scales

The pay scales for academic and academic-related staff|  

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LSE HR alphabetical list of documents|

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LSE UCU Information for GTAs and LSE Fellows||


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