Monthly timesheets

Staff members are expected to complete timesheets when required by the terms and conditions of the research grants on which they are working or when necessary to determine the correct allocation of their staff costs.


  1. allow LSE to comply with funder terms and conditions
  2. allow LSE to reconcile the distribution of salary costs across project accounts
  3. allow LSE to calculate person-month effort per work package and per project on European Commission (EC) funded projects
  4. serve as verification to auditors that work carried out by staff is consistent with the distribution of their pay costs and the tasks agreed under the terms of the applicable grant agreements.

In some cases, the completed timesheets determine the eligibility and amount of the individual’s salary costs claimed. In these cases, if timesheets are not completed, then LSE will not receive reimbursement of the individual’s salary costs. Timesheets may be reviewed by auditors. If they are found to be incomplete, LSE may be sanctioned, including the inability to submit future proposals to the applicable funder and/or financial penalties. These sanctions may be applied school-wide, not just to individual projects. 

Does this apply to me? [click to expand]

The following staff are required to complete monthly timesheets:

  1. all staff working on an EC Framework Programme (FP7) funded research grant. There are some exceptions, to determine if these apply to you view our FAQs 
  2. all staff working less than 100% of their contracted time on an EC Horizon2020 (H2020) funded research grant
  3. all directly incurred staff working less than 100% of their contracted time on a UK government-funded project using the full economic cost (fEC) funding model. This includes most UK Research Council awards.
  4. other staff, if required by the terms and conditions of the research grant against which their time is being reported.

Who completes the timesheet template? [click to expand]

The staff member to which the timesheet relates should complete and sign the timesheet. The timesheet should then be co-signed by the staff member’s line manager or the project’s Principal Investigator.


We recognize that in some cases, the timesheet may be completed by the departmental/centre manager or other administrative staff on behalf of the staff member. In these cases, the staff member should review the timesheet carefully and request any corrections before printing and signing.


How do I obtain a timesheet template? [click to expand]

If this is your first award that requires timesheets, your research awards manager (RAM) will set up a SharePoint folder, provide you information on how to access this folder, and save a timesheet template within the folder. The timesheet template will usually cover an 18-month period with 18 worksheets, one worksheet for each month.


If this is not your first award, then your RAM will update your existing timesheet in SharePoint to include the award in the template’s drop-down menus. Your RAM may also add additional timesheet templates if your new award extends beyond the time period covered by your existing timesheet template.


If you have not been contacted by your RAM or your existing timesheet has not been updated to include your new award, please request a new or updated timesheet template from him/her. Contact your research awards manager|.


How do I access SharePoint? [click to expand]

Your research awards manager (RAM) will give you the web link to your SharePoint folder when the folder is first set up. Please save this web link either as a bookmark in your web browser or where you will have easy access to it. If you lose the web link, contact your RAM|.


Alternatively, use this web link|

Further information

View a summary of the timesheet completion process| [pdf]

Download the full list of frequently asked questions| [pdf]

View guidance on using SharePoint| [pdf]

View detailed guidance on how to complete a timesheet| [pdf]

Direct any questions or concerns to your research awards manager| [intranet]