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Mission statement and target performance standards


The purpose of the Research Division is to support externally-funded research throughout the lifecycle of the grant or contract and beyond, and to support the School’s research policies and REF preparations.

Our vision is to provide high quality professional services to enable academic colleagues to focus on high quality research.

To this end, we assist the School's academic community in respect of all areas of funded research activity, including:

- Identifying appropriate funding opportunities;

-  providing training in skills required for grant-writing;

- advising on the development of research grant proposals, including aspects of project development, collaboration with other research bodies, co-funding arrangements, and the preparation of cases for support;

- advising on costing and pricing of research;

- liaising with other service providers within the School to plan the provision of support required of research projects and programmes;

- negotiating contracts and agreements;

- acting as budget controller for grants and contracts;

- providing budgetary and financial information and assistance;

The Corporate Relations Unit seeks opportunities for the School to meet the research needs of corporate clients and supports the School’s knowledge exchange activities (including HEIF activities).

We support the School’s preparations for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and we support the Pro Director (Research) in relation to research policy and strategy.

We also support internally-funded research (Research Infrastructure and Investment Funds).

Office hours: 09.30am to 5.30pm.

Grant applications

All grant applications will be processed in time to meet external deadlines provided that a member of the pre-award team has been contacted no later than ten working days prior to submission. RD will, of course, do its best to meet deadlines where initial contact is made with fewer than ten days' notice, but this is not a guaranteed service. Colleagues are also reminded that some large-scale, complex bids require considerable time and effort from RD staff, so if in any doubt, contact a pre-award team member as soon as possible once the decision to apply has been made. Early consultation with your Head of Department or Centre Director is also essential.

Target performance standards


Time frame

Return all telephone messages

By the end of the following day

Return all email messages

Within two clear working days or day after return if addressee absent

Answer all correspondence

Within five working days

Process all transactions

Within three working days


All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days. The Divisional standard is to resolve the problem within five working days