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About research and projects

Research and projects work is managed by the Research Division. Based in room U.701 (Tower 1 seventh floor). The Research Division offers advice and assistance to the School's academic community in respect of all areas of funded research activity. We:

  • assist colleagues to identify appropriate funding opportunities;
  • disseminate these opportunities widely through a range of email or web-based mechanisms;
  • advise on the development of research grant proposals, including contractual and budgetary issues, and on internal and national research policy issues;
  • we provide support and advice on managing research projects and administer the grant or contract awarded on behalf of the principal investigator;
  • The Research Division plays a strong role in the development of the research element of LSE's international activities, both at programmatic and institutional level. 

The Research Division will manage certain elements of the new Research Infrastructure and Investment Funds (the replacement to the Research Committee Seed Fund). 

The Research Division and the Press and Information Office produce a monthly newsletter featuring current research funding opportunities, the latest research awards and examples of research outcomes. Subscribe to the Research Briefing.|