Thursday 06 March 2014

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London top city in world table of universities
The Guardian, 06/03/2014, p.13, Richard Adams
must start matching its competitors' increased investment in higher education. London had six universities in the top 100, the most of any city. Imperial College came 13th, followed by the London School of Economics in 24th. University College London fell from 20th to 25th, while King's College London moved up to 43rd. The University of Edinburgh was Scotland's sole entry|
Global rivals force regional universities down rankings  
Financial Times, 06/03/2014, p.4, Helen Warrell
been identified as the fastest risers. But the news was less positive for institutions in Britain's regions, since eight of the UK's 10 top 100 entrants, including Imperial College, the London School of Economics, University College London, King's College and the London Business School, are in the capital or the southeast. Scotland now has only one university, Edinburgh, in the| (£)
London has more top universities than any other city in the world
Evening Standard, 05/03/2014, p.4, Anna Davis
Experts said the list confirms London as the "undisputed centre of the world" for higher education and research. Imperial College is the highest placed London university, at 13, followed by London School of Economics and Political Science and University College London. King's College London is Europe's biggest riser, up from around 70 to 43. London Business School and London School|
Capital universities
Evening Standard, 05/03/2014, p.14, Unattributed
city, according to The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings of the top 100 universities. Six London universities are in this group, led by Imperial College and followed by the LSE and UCL. It seems the concentration of talented individuals and historic institutions in London creates a dynamic mix from which all profit. Centres of excellence can draw on the

Oxbridge loses out to US 'superbrands'
The Times, 06/03/2014, p.12, Nicola Woolcock
Technology and Stanford University. There are ten British universities in the top 100, one more than last year, despite Bristol dropping off the list. They include Imperial College London (13), London School of Economics (24), University College London (25) and King's College London (43). The London Business School and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine enter the table| (£)

UK's redbrick universities losing their global appeal
Daily Mail, 06/03/2014, p.6, Laura Clark
and the rest of UK academia. While each slipping a place to fourth and fifth respectively, Cambridge and Oxford remain in the global elite. London-based institutions including Imperial College, the London School of Economics, University College London and King's either maintain or improve their rankings. But the UK's representation in the World Reputation Rankings, produced by the Times Higher Education|
Make school admissions fairer
Evening Standard, 05/03/2014, p.45, Unattributed
afford higher house prices near good schools. Sutton Trust research has shown that, as a result, the top 500 comprehensives only take half the national average for disadvantaged children. LSE research for the trust last week found that 89 London academies and other secondary schools have already adopted fairer admissions policies, using ability banding or random ballots so that

Britain's carbon emissions and competitivity
The Times, 06/03/2014, p.31, Unattributed
targets", Mar 3), this does not support claims by manufacturers that they risk forcing Jobs overseas by making energy too expensive. The article draws on new research published by the London School of Economics which finds that the UK is a global leader on climate change policy action. However, the article does not cite one of the key findings of| (£)

Shut up and listen, minister tells Tory climate sceptics
The Times, 06/03/2014, p.16, Ben Webster
the debate can crucially move on to what action is needed to deal with a warming planet." Bob Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at London School of Economics, said the report "cherry-picks and distorts research findings in order to support the Foundation's lobbying against UK Government climate change policies." He said: "As the IPCC| (£)

Crossrail route gives traction to London building drive
Financial Times, 06/03/2014, p.4, James Pickford; Kate Allen
about making the project that bit more affordable for the public purse," he said The impact on commercial property values was pinpointed in recent research by Ruth Thompson of the London School of Economics. Analysing 3,500 transactions between 2000 and 2013 for signs of a Crossrail uplift, she found that over the eight years since 2005 - the first parliamentary| (£)
How to fix the broken windows
Times Higher Education, 6/3/2014, pg 51, Virginia Doellgast
Book review of The Fissured Workplace (author David Weil) by Virginia Doellgast, Professor of Comparative Relations, LSE 

LSE online

UK universities drop down rankings
Belfast Telegraph (Web), 05/03/2014
UK's 10 top 100 entrants come from the South East "golden triangle", the rankings show. Besides Oxford and Cambridge, these were Imperial College London (up one place to 13th), the London School of Economics (up one to 24th), University College London (down five to 25th) and King's College London (43rd, up from the 61-70 band last year|  

Hugh Muir's diary: Never forget who's helping Nigel Farage fight Brussels (Web), 06/03/2014, Hugh Muir
stomp up and down the Ukrainian border, Vlad Putin knows his activities are being closely monitored in London, not least by those he has hung out with. One such is London School of Economics director Craig Calhoun . After its embarrassing dalliance with Saif Gaddafi, it seems no tyrannical episode can unfold without some link to the LSE.|  

US universities top reputation table
BBC (Web), 06/03/2014, Unattributed
those on the list come from a "golden triangle" in the south-east of the country. Besides Oxford and Cambridge, the institutions featured are: Imperial College London (13th) London School of Economics (24th) University College London ( 25th) King's College London (43rd) Edinburgh (46th) Manchester University (51-60 band) London Business School (91-100 band)|  

My Brother
Dhaka Courier, 06/03/2014
right until he went to University and secured a place at the London School of Economics. Results there too were outstanding but sadly he could not complete his degree. His fragile body and...|  

Iron deficiency important to assess in children adopted from institutional settings
Press, 06/03/2014
College London, and Jeremy Horder of the Department of Law at the London School of Economics. Many patients are just as vulnerable as those who are mentally incapacitated, they point out, yet...|  

Special Report on Libya after Gadhafi
CBC, 06/03/2014
— was on Nov. 19 With a PhD from the London School of Economics, he was considered the Western face of the regime. Seif al-Islam was the last member of the to remain at large. The Internation...|  

Facebook activism rarely goes deeper than a single click, 06/03/2014, Michelle Starr
the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Jens Meierhenrich of the London School of Economics and Political Science have found that online activism isn't necessarily as effective as...|  

Study: Social media underwhelms
WorldNetDaily, 06/03/2014
Diego, UNC Chapel Hill psychologist Kurt Gray and London School of Economics political science scholar Jens Meierhenrich, focused|  

An arm, a leg and a private consultant to get into college
Asiaone, 06/03/2014
was also accepted by four other universities, including Carnegie Mellon and the London School of Economics. "When I started...I didn't know what colleges wanted to see in a student," he said...|  

UK universities drop down rankings
Sunday Post, 06/03/2014 
Cambridge, these were Imperial College London (up one place to 13th), the London School of Economics (up one to 24th), University College London (down five to 25th) and King's College London...|  

Prioritising prudence and conduct in a regulated market
Financial Director, 06/03/2014, Jim Muir
facing an investigation for its £1.5bn capital shortfall. Research by the London School of Economics reveals that the world's biggest banks have already paid out approximately £143bn in "conduct...|  

Minister Alexander Stubb at the London School of Economics
Valtioneuvosto, 05/03/2014 
friends, Distinguished professors, It is a great pleasure to be at the London School of Economics, my old school. It feels like being at home. I suppose I could have opted for Oxford or Cambridge...|  

Far-left surge to outnumber Liberals in EU elections, suggests poll
News from EUobserver, 05/03/2014
Pirate party and Free Voters party, with Professor Simon Hix of the London School of Economics, and chairman of Pollwatch, estimating that around 270,000 total votes will be enough for a seat in Germany. The anti-euro Alternative for Germany(AfD...|  

"Forces of endarkenment" threaten freedom of speech - academic
Voice of Russia, 05/03/2014, Tim Ecott
Ecott spoke to one of the speakers at the event at The London School of Economics, Dr. Rumy Hasan of Science and Technology Policy Research, Sussex Centre for Migration Research. How do you balance...|  

Hardline and Hindu: Nationalists on the rise in India
Melbourne Age, 05/03/2014
director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights at the London School of Economics, has also spent years studying this movement.''Narendra Modi has been an activist for the Hindu far-right...|  

Open competition can enliven service sectors
Global Times, 05/03/2014 
Brookings Institution, at the recent 2014 China Development Forum held by the London School of Economics and Political Science. Read more in Special Coverage|  

The Uganda anti-homosexuality bill: beyond monocausal explanations, by Kristof Titeca
Mats Utas, 05/03/2014
Research Group (Ghent University). He currently is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics (Department of International Development).|  

'As a CEO, I had four flaws: I was a female, cared for children, dressed funny and was fat!'
Marketing Magazine, 05/03/2014, Camila Batmanghelidjh
NHS and annually we have 11,000 volunteers. An evaluation by the London School of Economics found that our staff satisfaction and efficacy scores were between 92% and 97%. Despite all these positive...|  

Online activism and desensitization in social media, 05/03/2014, Anne Hart
of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Jens Meierhenrich, department of international relations, London School of Economics and Political Science. You can check out online the abstract of the paper...|  

Ces banques qui engloutissent l'économie
La Tribune, 05/03/2014
tiers des diplômés MBA d'Harvard, ainsi que des diplômés de la London School of Economics, décrochaient un premier emploi dans la finance (et bien que certains cyniques remercient le ciel que...|  

Paul de Grauwe chama ignorantes aos juízes do Tribunal Constitucional alemão e com boas razões
Aspirina B, 05/03/2014
decisão. Paul de Grauwe, importante economista belga, escreve hoje no blogue da London School of Economics sobre este assunto ( ver aqui o artigo completo ) e desmonta a argumentação dos juízes do Tribunal Constitucional alemão. Primeiro, o...|  

(Voix du monde) Qui bénéficient des fruits de la croissance chinoise?, 05/03/2014
Athar Hussain, directeur du Centre de recherche sur l'Asie de la London School of Economics.L'économie chinoise n'est pas confrontée à des problèmes majeurs, mais elle doit faire face à certains...|  

El creador de Erasmus defiende las estancias de un año
La Voz de Galicia, 05/03/2014
el siglo XXI», en un acto organizado por la escuela económica « London School of Economics», de la que es presidente.«Cuanto más tiempo estás fuera mejores resultados obtienes», ha subrayado...|  

'Sin Medias Tintas': 20 grandes voces hablan de la Gran Recesión
Libertad Digital, 05/03/2014
Otro invitado de primer nivel es Luis Garicano . El profesor de la London School of Economics apunta en su entrevista que España necesita "reducir la intervención que distorsiona la competencia...|  

As lições de Seguro
Jornal De Negocios, 05/03/2014
para assinantes do Negócios Primeiro.Nesta semana, na mesma London School of Economics (LSE) onde Friedrich Hayek leccionou durante|  

La Embajada en Londres crea un club 'secreto' de banqueros españoles, 05/03/2014
abierto, según admiten algunos de sus miembros.Luis Garicano, catedrático de la London School of Economics (LSE), rechazó la propuesta de ser el presidente del Foro, que finalmente ha sido...|  

LSE on TV/Radio

BBC London 94.9, 06/03/2014
LSE mentioned in world university rankings

BBC Oxford, 06/03/2014
Jose-Luis Fernandez comments on social care in England

BBC Radio 4, 05/03/2014
Mention of LSE event on 7 March re Russia, Ukraine and Us

BBC WM, 05/03/2014
Tony Travers discusses private sector investment in Birmingham