Tuesday 04 March 2014

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Never mind the bankers - university vice-chancellors are lining their pockets like never before
The Guardian, 04/03/2014, p.5, Aditya Chakrabortty
outgoing head of University College London, racked up a £41,077 hike in his salary and pensions to £365,432 - for working three days a week. • Craig Calhoun at the LSE took a total of £466,000. Of that, £88,000 covered his relocation from the US, but that still leaves him on almost £100,000 more than the previous director.

Bubbling over: tea craze from Taiwan hits Soho
Evening Standard, 03/03/2014, p.27, Danny Buckland
distinctive brand and grow it quickly." Karim Hemsi gave up his career as a City asset manager to run a new bubble tea outlet and business is booming. The 37-year-old London School of Economics graduate said: "I am so glad I made the move. This is full on and you have to make sacrifices but I love what I do

On our networks this week
The Guardian, 04/03/2014, p.37, Unattributed
Higher Education Network theguardian.com/higher-education network There aren't many advantages to a recession, but new research shows that universities worldwide benefit in times of financial hardship. According to Michael Boehm of the London School of Economics, universities not only build more recruiting power in a recession but the PhD graduates they attract are more productive than in times of financial boom. Findings

Show me the benefit!
Director magazine, March 2014, Iqbal Wahhab
LSE Director Craig Calhoun discusses the importance of volunteering in universities and social enterprise.

LSE online

Did your child get a place at the school of your choice?
Channel 4 News (Web), 03/03/2014, Unattributed
move is being fuelled by academies and free schools, which have the freedom to set their own admissions rules, it says. Research conducted for the Sutton Trust by academics at the London School of Economics analysed the admissions policies of around 3,000 state secondary schools and academies in England for the 2012/13 school year. It found that in total, 121 schools in

`Train? working-class kids to be more middle-class? That's what happened to me
The Independent (Web), 03/03/2014, Sean O'Grady
it easy to keep up with these types. Socially, at any rate, I was going to be pitifully out of my depth. I prepared for misery and daily humiliation. The LSE looked a better option. Still, I persevered, and when I arrived at my strange medieval little college I was dismayed by the lack of hog whimpering, and somewhat disappointed

Royal watch: there's gold in them, thar dills!
Queensland Country Life, 04/03/2014
most entitled family in modern history. According to Bart Cammaerts of the London School of Economics, when William replaces his father as Prince of Wales he "will automatically inherit...

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The problem with flirting
Essentialmums.co.nz, 04/03/2014, Carolyn Tate
marriage notwithstanding - which I highly encourage). Dr Catherine Makim of the London School of Economics even claimed women should be flirting to get what they want in her book Honey Money. We should be tapping into our 'erotic capital', apparently...

In just 5 minutes you’ll know more about UK immigration than most of the public
Delicious/paulb, 04/03/2014
the UK? According to a report (PDF) published in 2007 by The London School of Economics and Political Science, the majority of people who move to the UK do so “for work, refuge, stimulus, profit, personal development and pleasure”. They believe the...

Woon King Chai
TheStar.com.my, 04/03/2014
allowed him to pursue a Masters Degree in Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), “For a very long time, the thought of going to London to study and...

Get Personal: Woon King Chai
The Star RAGE, 04/03/2014
allowed him to pursue a Masters Degree in Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), “For a very long time, the thought of going to London to study and live...

How a life can be transformed
Yahoo! News Australia, 04/03/2014
he will soon complete his PhD on peacemaking in Lebanon at the London School of Economics - and the UK, first arrived in Africa as a volunteer English teacher 10 years ago. In 2008, he founded...

Government names Kutigi national confab chairman
The Guardian Nigeria, 03/03/2014
Conference Dr. (Mrs.) Valerie Azinge, read Law, obtaining an LLM from the London School of Economics and later a Ph. D in Law. A daughter of the Nwodos, she is married to the Director-General...

Tech can give women the space to fight for their rights
AlertNet, 03/03/2014
space that is almost entirely divorced from political processes. [1] Research by London School of Economics academic Jenevieve Mannell shows that in South Africa, much of the expertise on womens...

The Challenges Facing British Jewry
JCPA.org, 03/03/2014, Prof. Leslie Wagner
ceremony to mark a report on anti-Semitism, he condemned events at the London School of Economics a few weeks earlier in which Jewish students had been attacked and intimidated, and said, “This...

Anti-Zionist Expression on the UK Campus: Free Speech or Hate Speech?
JCPA.org, 03/03/2014, Lesley Klaff
University of Sussex Student Union voted to boycott Israeli goods[34] and the London School of Economics (LSE) voted to twin its union with the Islamic University of Gaza.[35] More recently, on...

Tech can give women the space to fight for their rights
The Voice Of Africa, 03/03/2014
technocratic space that is almost entirely divorced from political processes.” [1]
 Research by London School of Economics academic Jenevieve Mannell shows that in South Africa, much of the expertise on women’s rights and equality that was part...

Domestic climate laws on the rise, a boost for pending UN action
Thomson Reuters, 03/03/2014, Joanne Connarty
the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) and the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. Prior to the treaty, fewer than 40 laws addressing climate were on the books...

Congo army completely dysfunctional
Press TV, 03/03/2014
legal,” Dr. Gabi Hesselbein, former lead researcher on the DRC at the London School of Economics and Political Science, said in an interview with Press TV.The expert said the situation has...

Cold War Ghosts Haunt East Europe in Moves for Crimea
BusinessWeek, 03/03/2014
" said Spyros Economides, a senior lecturer in international relations at the London School of Economics, in a phone interview today. "This isn’t just the ghost of the Soviet Union coming back...

Cold War Ghosts Haunt East Europe in Moves for Crimea
Bloomberg, 03/03/2014
power,” said Spyros Economides, a senior lecturer in international relations at the London School of Economics, in a phone interview today. “This isn’t just the ghost of the Soviet Union coming...

How is Pakistan doing, you ask? Why don’t you ask the victims of Abbas Town?
The Express Tribune, 03/03/2014, Sultana Haider
How is your country doing?” Asked a classmate here at the London School of Economics (LSE) two weeks ago. The question took me back to a different time… somewhere in the past, someday...

Evan Davis: We love big cities because we long to be near other people
Radio Times, 03/03/2014
big cities. Henry Overman is a professor of economic geography at the London School of Economics. He argues that the UK is an unusual country, not so much in the large size of its capital, but...

The Oscar Pistorius Trial channel and key reporters
YoMzansi, 03/03/2014
an LLM in Information Technology, Media and Communications Law (with distinction) from the London School of Economics. Having spent five years in the media litigation department at Webber Wentzel...

Is een Europese taks op Russisch olie en gas een optie?
De Morgen, 04/03/2014
04/03/14, 06u13 dm column is professor aan de London School of Economics en tweewekelijks columnist voor deze krant. kos. Ik maak me geen illusies, zo'n importbelasting komt er niet. Toch vind...

Enfermedades raras y financieramente catastróficas
Nacion.com, 04/03/2014, Fernando Llorca Castro
o por derecho. Caridad y derecho. El profesor Panos Kanavos de la London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) documentó, junto a otros colaboradores, que más de 13 mil pacientes...

Seguro Reuniões socialistas na Europa provam que PS não está “isolado”
Portal de Angola, 04/03/2014
austeridade, tema de uma palestra que Seguro fará na terça-feira na universidade London School of Economics. O secretário-geral do PS rejeitou o discurso do Governo que o país esteja melhor...

A perda do futuro
Psiconomia, 04/03/2014, Dado Salem
de outras formas de civilização.Assista uma aula intimista de Dugin na London School of Economics onde ele explica seu ponto de vista.

Moncef Guen, une figure de proue de l’éclectisme, n’est plus
Le Economiste, 03/03/2014, Mohsen Tiss
Sorbonne ainsi qu’à l’Institut de Sciences Po à Paris, au London School of Economics et à George Washington University aux Etats Unis d’Amérique. Il a obtenu un Master en droit, deux Diplômes...

STAMPA LIBERA, 03/03/2014
di Furio Stella http://www.effervescienza.com/salute/impasticcati/#more-389 La crisi fa decollare anche il consumo di psicofarmaci. In otto anni antidepressivi aumentati del 310%. Mali dell’anima? Certo, ma chi spinge sono anche le elite mondialiste...

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BBC Radio 5, 03/03/2014
Anne West discusses school admissions criteria