Friday 17 January 2014

LSE in print

Dale Mortensen
The Independent, 17/01/2014, p.52, Unattributed
He started out by wanting to know why some people remained unemployed when businesses had jobs they could not fill, and he wondered why similar jobs could have significantly different salaries. He shared the Nobel with Peter Diamond of MIT and Christopher Pissarides of the LSE. In the 1980s they devised a method to study the dynamics of unemployment and the effects of government policies on the labour market.|  

Westminster Outlook
The Independent, 17/01/2014, p.59, Mark Leftly
Stirring stuff, made all the more delicious by the fact that Mr Heath himself is French, but fell in love with our capital when he moved across the channel as a teenager to study at the London School of Economics. This likeable hack doesn't like being described as an academic, yet he enjoys nothing more than exercising his first-class mind with thoughts of how a post-EU Britain would work.|  

LSE online

"Hay que cambiar un sistema judicial que pueden manipular los ricos y poderosos"
El Confidencial, 17/01/14, E. Hernández
…Catedrático de Economía y Estrategia en la London School of Economics y doctor por la Universidad de Chicago, donde ha desarrollado la mayor parte de su carrera, Luis Garicano es uno de los nombres...

China Times, 17/01/14
根據倫敦經濟學院( London School of Economics)葛蘭森氣候變遷和環境研究所(Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment)政策部主任沃德(Bob Ward)說:「這份報告顯示,攝氏2度在技術上仍有可能,並且必須繼續成為氣候變遷談判的主要政策目標。」氣候變遷談判是為了在2015年擬定出一份全球

Taiwan News Online, 17/01/2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit re-ups a beloved franchise
Centre Daily Times, 17/01/14, Ann Hornaday
…holds true. In “Shadow Recruit,” Jack is pursuing his PhD at the London School of Economics when he watches the World Trade Center fall in 2001; after enlisting with the Marines and suffering...

The EU has provided us with the best Europe we've ever had
New Statesman (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
There could not be a better moment to work with others for a programme of reform. That would make sense. A referendum makes none.
Robert Cooper worked for Javier Solana and Catherine Ashton at the EU until last year. He is a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.|  

Deflation in the euro zone: Should we worry about deflation?
The Economist (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
We are hosting a round-table discussion of the risk of deflation in the euro zone. Our fourth contributor is Paul De Grauwe, professor in European political economy at the London School of Economics. The other contributions are here, here and here. The risks that deflation engenders are well known.| (£)

Fighting someone else's battle
The Economist (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
JENNY KUPER is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, based in the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. She has worked as a consultant for UNICEF and for the International Committee of the Red…| (£)

The onrushing wave
The Economist (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
…Sweden, inequality among the employed has risen sharply, with the share going to the highest earners soaring. For those not in the elite, argues David Graeber, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics, much of modern labour consists of stultifying “bullshit jobs”-low- and mid-level screen-sitting that serves simply to occupy workers for whom the economy no longer has much…| (£)

Measuring management
The Economist (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
For the past decade a group of economists, including Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University and John Van Reenen of the London School of Economics, have been trying to bring some rigour to the argument. They have focused on three commonly accepted management techniques-setting targets, rewarding performance and measuring results-and studied…| (£)

'Politically useful' science is no use for democracy
Telegraph (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
This is not the first time government has sought to interfere with academic research to suit its own agenda, and sometimes they do so in more damaging ways than simply delaying publication. Last year, Edward Page, the London School of Economics professor of public policy, surveyed policy researchers, who gave dozens of examples of government pressing for "politically useful reports."|  

Honouring those who tried to stop the first world war | @guardianletters (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
Many socialists outraged by the atrocities volunteered to fight in 1914, including Clement Attlee. He left his job as a lecturer at the London School of Economics and applied for a commission as soon as war broke out, and was subsequently badly wounded in the siege of Kut in Mesopotamia.|  

The city that never builds anything
BBC (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
However, planning law in the two countries has remained very similar, says Martin Loughlin, a local government expert at the London School of Economics, although he said Welsh policy may have been "more flexible". So is the problem a question of political willpower? Russell Goodway, former Lord Mayor of Cardiff, said the impression big projects went smoothly in the city was like "the swan on the surface, with feet paddling like hell underneath".|  

Education in brief: the disappearing headteacher and other mysteries (Web), 16/01/2014, Warwick Mansell
Meanwhile, the DfE document still quotes approvingly from the 2010 report by Stephen Machin and James Vernoit from the London School of Economics, which highlighted improvements in academies opened under Labour, even after Machin has called on ministers to stop using it in reference to academies under this government.|  

Australian Notes
Spectator (Web), 16/01/2014, Unattributed
Collecting my thoughts with extraordinary speed I thought it best to talk about the approach to politics of my old teacher at the London School of Economics, Michael Oakeshott, whose work I knew well. He believed that the chief characteristic of a conservative is not dogmatic political rectitude but enjoyment of life and love of the country that made it possible.|  

Climate Protection May Cost 4% of World GDP by 2030: UN
Bloomberg, 16/01/14, Alex Morales
…the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics. A draft of the study was obtained by Bloomberg from a person with access to the documents...

UK visas could be auctioned to foreign millionaires
IndiaPost, 16/01/14, Unattributed
…if they endow a Cambridge college, a major teaching hospital or the London School of Economics with 10 million pounds,” he said. Wealthy foreigners would make offers for a proportion of so-called...

Labor & Management: Firms move to cover costly autism therapies
Business World, 16/01/14, Unattributed
…million, according to 2012 research from the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics. Given the expense, it is no surprise that insurers have had to be prodded to cover...

Tyra Banks Joins The 'Fight Fat Talk' Campaign To Start A New Conversation About Body Image
UK Lifestyle News on The Huffington Post, 16/01/14, Poorna Bell
…raise the profile of female experts) and a Gender Studies student at London School of Economics, was relatively unknown. Fast-forward to a few months and the Londoner is one of the strongest feminist voices in the UK, with a growing and increasingly...

Despite deft skills, Maliki fails to heal Iraq’s wounds
Saudi Gazette, 16/01/14
…adviser to Maliki is cited by Iraq expert Toby Dodge of the London School of Economics as saying the prime minister began keeping decision-making far more to himself after the formation of his...

Fier, makina përplas babë e bir me motor, humb jetën 68-vjeçari
Balkan Web, 16/01/14
…në polici vlonjati, iu gjetën 70 mijë euro në makinë Pedagogia e “ London School of Economics”: Procesi i integrimit është bërë më i vështirë Tiranë, arrestohen tre të rinj për armëmbajtje...

De mendigos a millonarios
El Comercio Ecuador, 16/01/1, Unattributed
y se fue a vivir a Londres con unos parientes. Ingresó al London School of Economics mientras trabaja como camarero y mozo de estación. Una vez se graduó, Soros trabajó en una tienda de recuerdos...

Στόχος η σταδιακή ανάκαμψη από το 2015
Stockwatch Cyprus, 16/01/14, Ημερομηνία Δημοσίευσης
ιστορία για τον γεωπολιτικό ρόλο της Κύπρου: Δαυίδ ή Γολιάθ;» στο London School of Economics, στο πλαίσιο της επίσημης επίσκεψής του στη βρετανική πρωτεύουσα. Ο πρόεδρος Αναστασιάδης είπε ότι...

3 startups that launched without writing code
PandoDaily, 16/01/14, Ramli John
…came across Mappiness , a mobile app created by two researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science to gather data specifically for their research. Instead of typical surveys...

América Latina a la búsqueda de opciones
El Universal Venezuela, 16/01/14, Alfredo Toro Hardy
Para los países desarrollados porque conduce a lo que Alan Manning del London School of Economics ha bautizado como la "polarización del empleo" y David Author de MIT ha llamado la "desaparición...

En pleine expansion, Londres «siphonne» la richesse du Royaume-Uni
Le Figaro, 16/01/14, Florentin Collomp
…retrouvent en colocation», souligne Tony Travers, spécialiste de la capitale à la London School of Economics. Le développement de la ville se fait de façon spontanée, plus au gré des investissements...

Huffington Post UK, 16/01/14, Asa Bennett
…stark warning was echoed by Hartley Dean, social policy professor at the London School of Economics, who told HuffPostUK that successive governments have "retreated from the principles of National...

Life School conducts an inspirational ICAN Experiential Seminar
India Infoline, 16/01/14, Unattributed
…Jhunjhunwala and Jyoti Gosavi. The mentors being graduates of IIM Ahmedabad and London School of Economics understood the need for these topics to be discussed with students above and beyond...

David Simon’s Twin Capital Management Names Michael Horgan Vice...
PRWeb, 16/01/14
of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University and studied at the London School of Economics.About Twin Capital Management: Twin Capital Management LLC is an alternative investment...

David Simon’s Twin Capital Management Names Michael Horgan Vice President
Hispanic Business Magazine, 16/01/2014

David Simon’s Twin Capital Management Names Michael Horgan Vice President

Virtual Strategy Magazine, 16/01/2014

Chris Pine's Jack Ryan is a different kind of patriot-hero
Sun Herald, 16/01/14, Chris Lee
"He's an American capitalist who was getting his PhD at the London School of Economics and was probably going to make a fortune in the private sector," Pine noted. "In a moment, he chose to do...

LSE on TV/radio

BBC Radio Sussex, 16/01/14
Professor Tony Travers discusses Brighton and Hove city council and referendum on council tax increase.

BBC Radio Leicester, 16/01/14
Speaker mentions that she wanted to study at the LSE.

Ever Decreasing Circles
BBC4, 16/01/14
Mention of the LSE.