22 - 24 February 2014

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Daily Express, 24/02/2014, p.39, Unattributed
It turns out that the intuitive part of your mind is a lot more powerful than you may realise. With Professor Paul Dolan (right) of the London School of Economics.

Don't be fooled by her angelic looks, she's as ruthless as she's corrupt
Daily Mail, 24/02/2014, p.15, Edward Lucas
He has found refuge in the Czech Republic. Their only daughter, the equally formidable Eugenia, who studied at the London School of Economics, has proved her mother's most loyal supporter, pleading her case while she was imprisoned and standing by her side in Independence Square.
Japan's joy as the Stones roll in
i (The paper for today), 24/02/2014, p.17, Luke Blackall; Robert Meakin
Judging by his carefully-constructed answer, perhaps it's no surprise that Jagger, who was educated at the London School of Economics, once planned a different career. He adds: "In reality I was hoping to go into diplomatic service!"

Wake up and smell the coffee
City AM, 24/02/2014, p.20, Annabel Palmer
Winning, by Jack Welch Talents: Efficiency, London directions, cooking JEREMY SANDERS CV Company turnover: £5m Number of staff: 45 Job title: Co-founder Age: 30 Lives: London. Studied: Economics at the London School of Economics

The Sunday Times, 23/02/2014, p.7, Clare Pennington
successful city as a country has been widely questioned. Comparing Shanghai's success with the whole of the UK, or any other country, is "not relevant", says Kent Deng of the London School of Economics: "I don't think it is fair to compare Beijing and Shanghai even inside China, never mind comparing Shanghai with whole countries." In some rural areas in
http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/newsreview/features/article1378479.ece| (£) 

Colleges are taking care of business
The Independent On Sunday Business Courses, 23/02/2014, p.6, Unattributed
Colleges are taking care of bus

LSE's £24m student centre is striking red-brick origami
The Guardian, 22/02/2014, p.15, Oliver Wainwright
But then most bricks aren't treated with the mastery of Irish architects O'Donnell and Tuomey, or with the patronage of a client like the London School of Economics. The two have come together, in the tangle of medieval lanes behind Aldwych in central London, to do gymnastics with humble clay blocks, producing an angular
WHAT WOULD PATSY THINK? Meet the new boss at Harvey Nicks
The Times Magazine, 22/02/2014, p.22, Damian Whitworth
The family moved to London when she was 16 and she studied economics with accounting and finance at the London School of Economics. On graduating, she received several offers from accountancy firms. "I chose Price Waterhouse [as it then was] because they had a swimming pool in the basement.
http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/magazine/article4008285.ece| (£) 

Books& talks
The Independent, 22/02/2014, p.28, Unattributed
LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival. Sebastian Faulks, Margaret Macmillan, Kenan Malik, Michael Rosen, Fiona Sampson, Julian Baggini, Stella Duffy, Andrew Davies, Penny Woolcock, Tracy Chevalier, Raymond Tallis, Michael Longley and Timberlake Wertenbaker. (020 7955 6043; lse.ac.uk).

LSE online

The Afterlife of the Olympics
National Geographic, 21/02/2014
sector, it might have taken 50 years," Tony Travers , of the London School of Economics, said. Housing, says Foster, is another matter. The regeneration bounty was supposed to spill over into...

Herald Scotland, 22/02/2014
on repairs and metal thefts have made matters worse. Research by the London School of Economics indicated a 23% uplift for buildings in conservation areas but, in Scotland, heritage is seen too...

Gay marriage: the Bishops and public opinion
ChurchTimes, 21/02/2014
James Walters Chaplain to the London School of Economics. Johanna KershawAssistant Curate,St Mary's, Todmorden, St Michael's, Cornholme...

Universities stand to benefit in recessions – Study
University World News, 21/02/2014
... compared with the private sector, shows new research from the London School of Economics and Political Science, reports http://Finchannel.com.

A Bangladeshi’s million dollar gift to Berkeley
Dhaka Tribune, 22/02/2014
already established the Subir Chowdhury fellowship for quality and Economics at the London School of Economics where priority is given to Bangladeshi applicants. We caught up with Mr Chowdhury...

MUTIGA: Job creation for youth, not miniskirts, should preoccupy African legislators
Daily Nation, 22/02/2014
an editor with the Sunday Nation, is a Chevening Scholar at the London School of Economics [email protected]

Nautilus names 3rd chief financial officer in 3 years [The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. :: ]
TMC Net, 22/02/2014
He joined Congoleum in 1986. Nayar received an economics degree from the London School of Economics, and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University. Nayar's initial base annual salary...

A Gramscian take on Thai politics — Daniel Mattes
Malay Mail, 23/02/2014
anu.edu.au ) * Daniel Mattes is a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. ** This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessaril

Schlechtes Wetter - gut fürs Klima?
Deutsche Welle, 22/02/2014
und Infrastruktur. 2006 verfasse der britische Ökonom Stern, derzeit Professor an der London School of Economics, im Auftrag der britischen Regierung den " Stern Report ", in dem zum ersten...

Bosnia's failed privatizations key cause of unrest
Idaho State Journal, 22/02/2014
Denisa Kostovicova, an associate professor of global politics at the London School of Economics. "What now appears as a dysfunctional state is in actual fact a very functional system that

Socialists to win most seats in 2014 European Parliament elections – poll
The Sofia Globe, 21/02/2014
launched by transparency organisation VoteWatch Europe and led by professors at the London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin, the European Jewish Press reported on February 21 .

Nautilus, Inc. Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
CNBC, 21/02/2014
a private company. Mr. Nayar received a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics, and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University. Bruce M. Cazenave, Chief Executive Officer, stated...

Nautilus, Inc. Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
Reuters, 21/02/2014
a private company. Mr. Nayar received a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics, and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University. Bruce M. Cazenave, Chief...

Nautilus, Inc. Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
BusinessWeek, 21/02/2014
a private company. Mr. Nayar received a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics, and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University. Bruce M. Cazenave, Chief Executive Officer, stated...

Men Experience Increasing Happiness Until Late 60s, Study Says
Huffington Post, 21/02/2014
the exact age that we're happiest. A study published by the London School of Economics determined people are happiest at ages 23 and 69, while unhappiest at 55. Another Gallup poll showed Americans...

ΜΟΝΟ στην Κ: Συνάντηση Μπουτάρη-Ντόρας…
Karfitsa.gr , 21/02/2014
Οι δυο τους ήταν βασικοί ομιλητές σε εκδήλωση του συλλόγου αποφοίτων του London School of Economics. Προσερχόμενη στο χώρο η κ. Μπακογιάννη συνάντησε το δήμαρχο Θεσσαλονίκης και ο τελευταίος...

US-Geldpolitik: Fed-Chefin tritt erstmals vor Senat auf
Handelsblatt, 21/02/2014
Beide heiraten kurze Zeit später.Das Paar wechselt 1978 gemeinsam an die London School of Economics (LSE). Ihnen gefallen London und die LSE. Doch beide kommen mit der Mentalität der Briten...

Moncef Guen nous quitte - Un économiste et un expert international hors pair
AllAfrica.com, 21/02/2014
la Sorbonne, l'Institut de Sciences Po Paris, London School of Economics et George Washington University aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique, tout un parcours.Il est titulaire d'un master en...

Aso in no position to criticize judo champ's English
Japan Today, 24/02/2014
degree in economics from Gakushuin University, matriculated at Stanford University and the London School of Economics. He?s made numerous prepared speeches at international conferences, but an...

Η πανέμορφη κόρη της Τιμοσένκο που γοητεύει τους διπλωμάτες
Gazzetta.gr, 24/02/2014
H μονάκριβη κόρη Ευγενία είναι καθαρόαιμο παιδί της Δύσης αφού σπούδασε στο London School of Economics πολιτική και οικονομία και έζησε 9 χρόνια στη Μεγάλη Βρετανία. Εκεί γνώρισε και παντρεύτηκε...

"Subsidios tienen que ser ayudas temporales"
El Pais Colombia, 23/02/2014
que adoré. Allí hice una Maestría en Gerencia del Desarrollo, en la London School of Economics, que me pareció interesantísima porque tuve oportunidad de conocer distintas culturas. Valoro mucho...

Mayers Europablog - Spannendste EU-Wahl aller Zeiten
DerStandard.at, 21/02/2014
der britischen Gruppe pollwatch.2014 unter Leitung eines Professors an der renommierten London School of Economics könnte sich ein Machtwechsel anbahnen.Wären jetzt EU-Wahlen, würden die Sozialdemok...

Continence care for people with dementia at home
Nursing Times, 21/02/2014
2007) Dementia UK: the Full Report . London: King’s College London and London School of Economics and Political Science. Luppa M et al (2008) Prediction of institutionalisation in dementia:...

Ratifican a Rafael Loayza en dirección de ABOCCS
Los Tiempos, 21/02/2014
Bolívar. Rafael Loayza es Research Fellow del programa Hansard Society de la London School of Economics and Political Science, Master in Social Sciences en Teoría Social y de la Cultura de...

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BBC Radio 5 Live, 22/02/2014
Passing mention of LSE during discussion about Government elites.

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BBC Cumbria, BBC Newcastle, BBC Manchester, BBC Tees, BBC Foyle.