Friday 21 February 2014

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Change markets to rein in inequality
Financial Times, 21/02/2014, p.12, Unattributed
elsewhere has to change the institutional structure of markets so that they are less efficient at sluicing pre-tax income up towards the top. Robert H Wade, Dept of International Development, London School of Economics, UK,Authorised=false.html?| (£)

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Look to the intangibles
The Economist (Web), 20/02/2014, Unattributed
countries with widely admired economies, such as Germany and Finland. “Why hasn’t the UK economy performed better, then?”, some might ask. “Better than what?” would be a fair reply. A London School of Economics assessment of British economic performance from 1997 to 2010 showed the UK’s productivity growth over the period was better than most other rich countries even taking|  

On deporting immigrants, handsome cyclists, the EU, Ecuador, Canada, sex and marriage
The Economist (Web), 20/02/2014, Unattributed
to develop into a proper presidential election. But imposing a technocrat after the first election would be a devastating blow against the EU's gradual democratisation. Professor Simon Hix London School of Economics Press freedoms in Ecuador SIR – “ Drawn and quartered ” (February 8th) claimed that freedom of speech is threatened in Ecuador. You cited|  

Time to bin Basel
Telegraph (Web), 21/02/2014, Philip Booth
of the financial system. Cardinal Turkson, president of the Council, then repeated the calls in that document for world government of the financial system in a recent lecture at the LSE. In his lecture, there was a sketchy and somewhat flawed analysis of the financial crisis, some baffling assertions about its effects on the distribution of wealth and the usual|  

O anarquismo e a democracia atual
G1, 21/02/2014
como talvez se pudesse esperar de um professor de Antropologia da conceituada London School of Economics, onde ele dá aulas e orienta teses de mestrado e doutorado. Nascido e educado nos Estados...|  

When Money Is Limited, So Is Government
RealClearMarkets, 21/02/2014, Jeffrey Snider
reductionism. In 1972, Karl Popper, the famous philosopher and professor of the London School of Economics, asserted that, "Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory...|  

Che cosa si impara stando al governo
Europa, 21/02/2014
una decisione politica e portarla a destinazione. (docente di Economia politica alla London School of Economics, capo Segreteria del vice ministro dello sviluppo economico Carlo Calenda) TAG:|  

VITENBERG: Iran’s hit-and-run strategy with U.S. on nuclear ambitions
Washington Times, 21/02/2014
is an international political analyst, who has taught political science for the London School of Economics and via the University of London?s International Programs at DEI College, Greece.|  

Snakes invade casino? Ask the social-media lie detector
CNET News, 21/02/2014, Leslie Katz
the UK's University of Warwick, where a professor worked with the London School of Economics and The Guardian's interactive team to manually analyze the spread of rumors on Twitter during the 2011 London riots. And while you're waiting for Pheme...|  

Libyans head to polls amid uncertainty, threats
Visalia Times-Delta, 20/02/2014
" said Fawaz Gerges, head of the Middle East Center at the London School of Economics. "The elections are the first block in a political and security architecture that will allow Libya to begin...|  
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UNITED STATES : Allstate Elects Siddharth N. (Bobby) Mehta to Board
4 Traders, 20/02/2014
Holdings, Inc. Mehta holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago . He currently serves on the boards of Piramal Enterprises...|  

Eleições Grupo de centro-esquerda é o preferido para as europeias
Notícias ao Minuto, 20/02/2014
" nas eleições de maio. A garantia foi deixada pelo académico da London School of Economics Simon Hix, citado pelo Público. PUB No entanto, uma sondagem feita pela PollWatch mostra já que os...|  

Valprognos pekar ut S som vinnare i EU-val
SvD, 20/02/2014, Teresa Küchler
korrekt, enligt organisationen. Ledaren för projektet , Simon Hix, som är professor på London School of Economics, sade vid presentationen att det fortfarande är för tidigt att tvärsäkert...|  

Sondagem dá ligeira vantagem ao centro-esquerda nas eleições europeias
Publico, 20/02/2014
nas eleições entre 22 e 25 de Março, comentou Simon Hix, da London School of Economics, um dos académicos que lidera a PollWatch, que tem um modelo estatístico próprio em que junta sondagens...|  

Mixed news for centre-left
European Voice, 20/02/2014
impact on the overall result. Simon Hix, professor of politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science and one of the researchers of PollWatch2014, says that there is uncertainty...| (£)

16 Billionaires Who Started With Nothing -- Including WhatsApp's Cofounder
Business Insider Australia, 20/02/2014
to live with his relatives in London. He put himself through the London School of Economics working as a waiter and railway porter. After graduating, Soros worked at a souvenir shop before...|  

Centre-Left Seen Taking Lead In EU Election Race
Eurasia Review, 20/02/2014
launched by transparency organisation VoteWatch Europe and led by professors at the London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin. Polling far behind these two major forces, are the...|  

Γόνοι πολιτικών κάνουν καριέρα στην υφήλιο!
Parapolitika, 20/02/2014
σε Οικονομία, Πολιτικές Επιστήμες και Φιλοσοφία), μετεκπαιδεύτηκε στην Πολιτική Οικονομία στο διάσημο London School of Economics με υποτροφία του Ιδρύματος Ωνάση, ενώ σήμερα πραγματοποιεί μεταπτυχιακέ...|  

Les socialistes pourraient redevenir le premier groupe au parlement européen
Yahoo! France Finance, 20/02/2014
développé par des professeurs du Trinity College de Dublin et de la London School of Economics, le centre-gauche pourrait être le premier groupe politique du prochain parlement européen. Ce sondage...|  
Les socialistes pourraient redevenir le premier groupe au parlement européen
La Tribune, 20/02/2014|  

PiS to win EP elections in Poland - PollWatch 2014
Polska Agencja Prasowa SA, 20/02/2014
largest group in the next European Parliament, according to experts from the London School of Economics and Trinity College in Dublin who prepared the analysis. Law and Justice (PiS) will...|  

Charles River Associates (CRA) Strengthens Capabilities in Energy
Reuters, 20/02/2014
at London Economics. He earned his PhD degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and his MA degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford. About...|  

Ce se întâmplă de fapt atunci când gândiţi pozitiv. Avertismentul psihologilor, 20/02/2014
dureri s-au recuperat mai greu decât ceilalţi. Heather Barry Kappes, profesoară la London School of Economics, care a realizat un alt studiu în acest sens, explică: „Când îţi imaginezi...|  

Man on many missions
The Hindu, 20/02/2014, Zeenab Aneez
He procured a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to do a PhD in the London School of Economics (LSE), an institution that, he was disappointed to find, had left its left wing days behind by the time he...|  

Public Appointments For The Judicial Appointments Commission
WireNews, 20/02/2014
a Professor of Law and Head of the Law Department at the London School of Economics. She was a member of the Department of Health Independent Panel to review the Liverpool Care Pathway and was...|  

Certains économistes associent déj la France aux économies malades du sud de l’Europe. Pourtant, si les réformes entreprises par les socialistes
Courier International, 20/02/2014
France fait partie du Sud", a-t-il affirmé. M. Pissarides, professeur à la London School of Economics,n'avait pas en tête le fait que le président François Hollande a étésurpris en train de|  

“Forum Eventi”: sabato a Modena il giornalista Alan Friedman con i suo nuovo libro
Sassuolo 2000, 20/02/2014
e la politica.
Laureatosi alla New York University (NYU), ha studiato alla London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), e alla John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) di Washington. Opinionista e commentatore...|  

[Analysis] A political obsessive's paradise: A 28 nation opinion poll
News from EUobserver, 20/02/2014
firm Burson-Marsteller, PollWatch is headed up by Professor Simon Hix of the London School of Economics. It was first used in the run up to the last elections in 2009 and says that it correctly forecast 720 of the 736 seats won by...|  

The truth behind NS&I Premium Bonds
Yahoo! UK and Ireland, 20/02/2014
with a top maths degree to try. He failed. We contacted an LSE Professor of Financial Mathematics she knew how to work it out, but she needed a specialist to do it for her. Eventually we tracked...|  

LSE on TV/Radio

BBC Radio Ulster, 21/02/2014
LSE is mentioned in a discussion about pay scales in universities.

BBC World Service, 21/02/2014
Professor Paul De Grauwe discusses inflation and deflation and their effects on consumption.